JetBlue plane tips backwards on JFK tarmac, terrifying passengers

JetBlue plane tips backwards at JFK, terrifying passengers

A JetBlue plane tipped backwards on the tarmac at JFK airport in New York City, terrifying passengers on board.

TikToker captures footage of JetBlue plane tipping backwards at JFK

TikToker Sinead Bovell was on board the plane and captured footage of the incident. Her video shows passengers screaming in terror as the plane lurches backwards and its tail end hits the tarmac.

JetBlue plane tips backwards at JFK, airline blames weight shift

JetBlue blamed the incident on a “shift in weight and balance during deplaning.” However, travel bloggers have pointed out that the front cargo doors were already open while passengers in the rear seats had yet to exit, suggesting that the plane was not properly unloaded.

Travel bloggers claim JetBlue plane was wrongly unloaded, causing it to tip backwards at JFK

Industry experts say that such incidents are not uncommon when aircraft have been badly loaded.

They suggest that in this case, there may have been too much cargo and passenger weight in the back of the aircraft, while not having enough cargo and passenger weight in the front.

JetBlue plane tips backwards at JFK, grounding flight to Montego Bay

The JetBlue plane was grounded as a result of the incident, and a replacement jet was needed to operate the next flight to Montego Bay.


The incident is under investigation, and it is not yet clear what the exact cause was. However, it is a reminder of the importance of proper aircraft loading and safety procedures.