Islamic Cleric Advocates for Polygamy: Calls for Law Compelling Civil Servants to Marry More Wives

Sheikh Aminu Baba Waziri’s Polygamy Proposal

Renowned Islamic cleric Sheikh Aminu Baba Waziri has stirred a debate by urging lawmakers to pass a law compelling civil servants on Level 12 to take additional wives.

He made this controversial call during his Friday sermon at the Takur Commercial Mosque in Dutse, Jigawa State.

Addressing the Imbalance in Society

Waziri emphasized the presence of numerous unmarried women within society who are in need of husbands.

He encouraged men, particularly those who are already married, to consider taking these women as their additional wives.

Marriage’s Significance in Islam

Sheikh Aminu Baba Waziri stressed the significance of marriage in Islamic teachings.

He pointed out that both the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) underscore the importance of this institution and its value in the eyes of Allah.

Citing Islamic Texts

The cleric referred to a specific verse from the Holy Quran, Chapter 4:3, which states the guidelines for polygamy.

He quoted the verse, highlighting that it allows men to marry up to four wives but emphasizes the importance of dealing justly with them to prevent injustice.

Legislation to Promote Polygamy

Sheikh Aminu Baba Waziri concluded by urging lawmakers to consider passing a law that would require civil servants on Level 12, who currently have only one wife, to add another wife before their next promotion.

This proposal has sparked discussions about the intersection of religious beliefs and legislation in the context of marriage.