Parking Firm Accused of Entrapment Scheme: Hidden Signs Spark Outcry in Milton Keynes

Parking Firm Accused of Entrapment Scheme: Hidden Signs Spark Outcry in Milton Keynes

A parking firm operating in Milton Keynes has come under fire amidst allegations of running an “entrapment scheme,” leading to fines for unsuspecting drivers who parked in a private car park unknowingly.

Drivers have raised concerns over the lack of clear signage and the placement of entrance signs, suggesting deliberate tactics to mislead and trap motorists.

Confusion Over Signage

Drivers have expressed confusion over the signage in the private car park, operated on behalf of the Tenpin bowling alley.

The placement of signs, hidden behind trees and without adequate lighting, has led to instances where drivers mistakenly parked in the area, assuming it was public parking.

The ambiguity surrounding the signage, coupled with the proximity to council parking zones, has fueled frustration and outcry among affected individuals.

Allegations of Unfair Practices

Senior councilor John Baker has condemned the actions of Parkingeye, accusing the firm of operating an illicit scheme and misusing the County Court system to demand payment for fines.

He alleges that the company’s tactics, including hiding entrance signs and disregarding council orders, amount to entrapment and exploitation of motorists.

Pressure Tactics and Appeals

Several drivers, including Blanca MacLennan and James Ward, recount their experiences of receiving fines from Parkingeye after parking in the area for short durations.

Despite attempts to appeal the fines, they were met with resistance from the parking firm, eventually relenting to pay reduced charges as a gesture of goodwill.

The pressure tactics employed by Parkingeye have left motorists feeling coerced into settling fines to avoid lengthy and costly legal battles.

Calls for Regulation

Cllr Baker has called on the government to intervene and regulate parking companies, emphasizing the need for stricter controls to prevent abusive practices.

He advocates for licensing requirements that would hold parking companies accountable and ensure transparency in their operations.

The councillor’s plea underscores the urgency of addressing the systemic issues within the parking industry to protect motorists from unfair treatment and financial burden.

Parking Firm Responds

In response to the allegations, Parkingeye maintains that their signage complies with regulations and provides clear instructions for motorists entering the private car park.

The firm defends its use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to enforce parking rules, asserting that fines are issued only when violations occur.

Additionally, Parkingeye highlights the availability of an appeals process for motorists to contest parking charges and address any mitigating circumstances.

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