Parents Remove 4-Year-Old Daughter from Pre-School Over Controversial Book

Parents Remove 4-Year-Old Daughter from Pre-School Over Controversial Book


A couple residing in Hull, East Yorkshire, have made the decision to withdraw their four-year-old daughter from Genesis Pre School following a dispute over the inclusion of explicit content in a book titled “Grandad’s Pride.”

The book, authored and illustrated by Harry Woodgate, winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, contains depictions of men in bondage gear and trans individuals with ‘top surgery’ scars.

This move by the parents came after they were labeled as bigots for raising concerns about the book’s content.

Explicit Content Sparks Outrage:

Will and Maria Taylor expressed shock and concern upon discovering images in “Grandad’s Pride” that depicted men in bondage gear and individuals with trans ‘top-surgery’ scars.

The latter procedure involves altering or removing the breasts, a process undertaken by trans men to create a more masculine chest appearance.


The parents, along with others, raised objections over the perceived inappropriateness of these images, asserting that they introduced explicit themes to young children.

School’s Response and Controversy:

Upon bringing their concerns to the attention of Genesis Pre School, the couple was met with a lack of remorse from the school administration.

Instead of apologizing for the book’s contents, school staff defended the decision to stock the book, asserting that the images were not inherently sexual or erotic and that children would not perceive them as such.

This response escalated the situation, leading the parents to decide to remove their daughter from the school.

Parents Advocate for Child Protection:

Will Taylor strongly advocated that exposing children to sexualized imagery is not justified by their lack of understanding.


He emphasized that age-appropriate and safe content should be determined by established standards rather than a child’s limited perception.

While acknowledging the importance of LGBTQ+ representation in children’s literature, the couple asserted that the explicit content in “Grandad’s Pride” crossed a line that hindered the proper development of children’s understanding of diversity and acceptance.

Trustees’ Actions and Resolution:

Following the parents’ complaint, the trustees of Genesis Pre School took action by conducting a comprehensive audit of all books in their collection to ensure age-appropriate content.

The controversial book, “Grandad’s Pride,” was removed from the school, and the trustees expressed their regret over the situation.

They also affirmed their commitment to maintaining a safe environment for the children attending the school and pledged to receive further training in policies and procedures related to child safeguarding.


Publisher Stands by the Book:

Publisher Andersen Press defended the book and its author, Harry Woodgate, asserting that “Grandad’s Pride” accurately depicted Pride celebrations and parades.

They rejected claims of hidden messages in the book and deemed such accusations offensive and homophobic.

In summary, a couple’s decision to remove their four-year-old daughter from Genesis Pre School stemmed from their concerns over explicit content in the book “Grandad’s Pride.”

The controversy highlighted the debate surrounding age-appropriate content for young children and raised questions about the role of parents and educational institutions in shaping children’s understanding of diverse identities and expressions.

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