Parents of Twins Who Survived Nurse’s Murderous Attempts Demand Answers from Hospital

Parents of Twins Who Survived Nurse’s Murderous Attempts Demand Answers from Hospital

In a harrowing account, a couple whose twin sons miraculously survived the sadistic attempts of neo-natal nurse Lucy Letby to end their lives have spoken out.

They express their anger and demand a thorough investigation into why hospital management failed to act on early warnings and protect their newborns.

The parents, who cannot be identified due to legal reasons, are calling for accountability from the leadership at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Cheshire.

Surviving the Horror: Baby L and Baby M’s Story

The twins, known as Baby L and Baby M during the trial, faced Letby’s malevolent actions during the same shift.

Baby L was poisoned with insulin, and his younger brother, Baby M, survived after being injected with air – a near-death experience that left him with lasting brain damage.

Shockingly, the parents learned of Baby L’s attack only when police visited their home over two years later.

Their frustration is directed towards the hospital’s director of nursing at the time, Alison Kelly, who they believe failed to take necessary action despite early warning signs.

Demands for Accountability and Inquiry

The parents firmly assert that a public inquiry is necessary to hold accountable those responsible for the safety of the neonatal unit.

They criticize the hospital’s management for not acting upon the warnings provided by their own doctors regarding Letby’s suspicious association with collapsed or deceased infants.

The parents believe that if action had been taken earlier, many lives might have been saved.

Failed Trust and Emotional Turmoil

The couple fondly remembers their excitement at the birth of their healthy twins, ironically with Letby present at their delivery.

However, their joy turned into a nightmare when Baby M suddenly collapsed in 2016.

Despite the efforts to save him, the parents describe the traumatizing scene they witnessed.

They feel a strong sense of betrayal by the hospital for not informing them of the attempt on Baby L’s life until much later.

The emotional toll on the family has been immense, leading to health issues and changed personalities.

Hope for Justice and Healing

While they have found solace in the survival of their sons, the parents assert that justice must be served.

They express hope that Letby will face a severe sentence for her crimes and stress the need for a proper investigation into her breach of confidentiality.

Despite the challenges, the twins are now lively and enjoy their childhood, although the shadow of Baby M’s brain damage looms over their future milestones.

The parents remain determined to seek justice for their children and ensure that the hospital’s negligence is fully addressed.

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