Palestinian Doctor Performs Leg Amputation at Home After Israeli Bomb Shatters Girl’s Leg

In a gripping account from Gaza City, Palestinian doctor Hani Bseiso found himself confronted with a life-altering decision when his teenage niece, A’Hed Bseiso, was wounded by Israeli shelling at their home.

The options were stark: amputate her leg or risk her bleeding to death. Unable to reach a nearby hospital, Hani, armed only with a pair of scissors and gauze from his medical bag, made the difficult decision to perform the operation at their kitchen table.

Emergency Procedure Amidst Intense Danger

The grainy video footage that later went viral on Instagram depicted the dramatic scene. A’Hed Bseiso lay on the table, her lower right leg being amputated without the luxury of anesthesia to alleviate the pain.

The emergency procedure unfolded in challenging conditions, with one of her brothers holding her steady while another provided additional lighting with mobile phones.

Despite the proximity of Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital, approximately 1.1 miles away, Hani Bseiso deemed it too perilous to attempt the journey due to intense Israeli fire in the area.

Unavoidable Circumstances

Hani Bseiso, in an interview with Reuters, explained that he faced an impossible choice between letting the young girl succumb to her injuries or doing everything within his capabilities to save her life.

The area was described as “under siege,” with tanks positioned at the house entrance, further complicating any attempt to transport A’Hed to the hospital.

Israeli Military Response

While the Israeli military did not directly address the incident at A’Hed Bseiso’s home, they emphasized their efforts to minimize harm to civilians.

The military accused Hamas of using hospital complexes as cover, an allegation vehemently denied by the militant group.

A’hed Bseiso’s Testimony

A’hed Bseiso, at 18, became one of the young amputees emerging from the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Recounting the events leading to her injuries, she mentioned encountering an Israeli tank near her house while attempting to make a call.

The subsequent shelling left her wounded, leading to the improvised amputation on her family’s dining table.

Enduring Pain and Resilience

Despite the lack of anesthesia and medical equipment, A’hed Bseiso displayed remarkable resilience during the impromptu amputation. She recalled reciting prayers and expressing gratitude to God amidst the pain and shock.

Following the home-based procedure, she underwent further operations in the hospital to address the injuries sustained.

Humanitarian Crisis and Amputations in Gaza

The broader context reveals a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with over 24,000 Palestinians reported killed since Israel’s military campaign in response to an attack by Hamas.

Many, including children, have undergone limb amputations due to severe injuries. The UNICEF reported that over 1,000 children in Gaza had undergone leg amputations by the end of November.

Poor hygiene, medical shortages, and restricted access to hospitals continue to compound the challenges faced by the population.

Doctors emphasize that the lack of access hinders the supply of essential resources to hospitals, further endangering lives.

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