Outrage Follows as Satanist Jason Miller Delivers Invocation at Washoe County Commission

Outrage Follows as Satanist Jason Miller Delivers Invocation at Washoe County Commission

Controversial Invocation:

Satanic Prayer at Washoe County Commission Meeting:

A Nevada county commission meeting took an unexpected turn when Jason Miller, a prominent Satanist from the Reno Satanic group, delivered the opening prayer, causing a stir among the board members.

The unconventional invocation, aired during the Washoe County Commission meeting on Tuesday, concluded not with the traditional ‘Amen’ but with a ‘Hail, Satan.’

Commissioner’s Irony:

Protest Amidst the Brainchild of Invocations:

Ironically, one of the board members, Commissioner Clara Andriola, who initially proposed the idea of incorporating invocations into the meetings, stormed out in protest during Miller’s address.

Having successfully campaigned for the addition of prayers just last year, Andriola found herself at odds with the unexpected outcome of her brainchild.

Satanic Invocation Highlights and Response:

Miller’s brief but attention-grabbing prayer included references to Satan and Lucifer, delivered partly in Latin.

He emphasized the dawn of a ‘New Age’ and concluded with the unconventional phrase, ‘Hail, Satan.’

Post-speech, most board members appeared puzzled, and Chair Alexis Hill, while attempting to move forward, expressed exasperation.

Miller, on the other hand, confidently left the podium with evident satisfaction.

Board’s Reaction and Public Comments:

Following Miller’s address, subsequent speakers repeatedly brought up the unsanctioned Satanic sermon.

Commissioner Andriola, upon returning, distanced herself from the message and sought legal clarification on the county’s obligations regarding invocations.

The assistant district attorney explained the legal context, indicating that once a floor is opened for invocations, it must be inclusive of diverse perspectives.

Mixed Responses and Future Considerations:

Commissioner Mike Clark labeled Miller as ‘a nitwit’ and criticized the consequences of Andriola’s policy.

However, Assistant District Attorney Edwards defended the Satanist’s right to participate.

Despite the controversy, Miller celebrated the moment on Instagram, emphasizing that it was the first Satanic invocation in front of a Nevada government body.

Legal Perspectives and Commissioner’s Intentions:

The legal explanation highlighted the trend of various groups, including non-traditional ones, participating in invocations in different parts of the country.

Commissioner Andriola, in response, expressed her desire for future prayers to be provided by the predominantly faith-based community in the region.

Satanic Group’s Philosophy:

Reno Satanic, described as a non-theistic group promoting messages associated with reason and critical thinking, clarified on their website that they do not believe in an actual Satan or God.

Their interpretation aligns Satan as a symbol of rebellion against tyranny and injustice, emphasizing the value of Satan as the Adversary.

Comments on Unintended Consequences and Future Dynamics:

The incident underscores the potential challenges and unexpected outcomes when implementing policies that open spaces for diverse expressions.

Commissioner Andriola’s shift from advocating for invocations to distancing herself from Miller’s message highlights the complexities involved in balancing inclusivity and ensuring alignment with community values.

As discussions continue, the incident prompts reflection on the evolving landscape of public expressions in government settings.