Orlando City Commissioner Accused of Exploiting 96-Year-Old Woman, Allegedly Embezzling Over $100,000

Orlando City Commissioner Accused of Exploiting 96-Year-Old Woman, Allegedly Embezzling Over $100,000

Regina Hill, an Orlando city commissioner, is under investigation for allegedly exploiting a 96-year-old woman and embezzling more than $100,000 from her over several years. The accusations involve Hill obtaining power of attorney over the elderly victim and using it to purchase property and fund extravagant personal expenses.

According to Florida investigators, Hill allegedly used her position to secure a mortgage for a home without the woman’s knowledge or consent. Additionally, she purportedly spent the victim’s funds on luxury items such as a facelift, designer perfumes, clothing, dental surgery, and trips to Miami. These expenses were reportedly made without the elderly woman’s approval.

The investigation into Hill’s activities was initiated after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement received a tip from a former staffer who had been terminated. The staffer raised concerns about Hill’s behavior and financial transactions involving the elderly victim.

Exploitation Allegations and Legal Action

Hill allegedly met the 96-year-old woman through her role as a city commissioner and quickly obtained power of attorney over her affairs. She then proceeded to use the victim’s assets for personal gain, including financing a home for her son and girlfriend.

Court documents indicate that Hill accrued significant debt in the victim’s name, further exacerbating the financial exploitation. Moreover, she allegedly neglected the elderly woman’s living conditions while lavishly spending her funds on various indulgences.

Legal Proceedings and Previous Incidents

While Hill has not been criminally charged in this case, she has a history of legal troubles, including numerous prior arrests for offenses ranging from drug-related charges to DUIs. Additionally, her son has faced legal issues, including arrests for possession of firearms and drugs.

A petition filed by the elderly woman’s attorney led to a temporary injunction against Hill, barring her from accessing the victim’s properties and finances. The court intervention was prompted by concerns about Hill’s exploitation and mismanagement of the elderly woman’s assets.

City Response and Ongoing Investigation

The City of Orlando released a statement acknowledging the injunction against Hill and stating that it had only recently become aware of the allegations. The city emphasized that it was not involved in the legal proceedings and lacked detailed information about the case.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement continues to investigate the alleged financial exploitation scheme. The probe was initiated following disclosures from a former aide of Commissioner Hill, who raised concerns about her treatment of the elderly victim and questionable financial activities.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities aim to determine the extent of Hill’s involvement in the alleged exploitation and hold her accountable for any wrongdoing. The case underscores the importance of safeguarding vulnerable individuals from financial exploitation and abuse, particularly by those in positions of authority or trust.