Red Wall Voters Divided on 2030 Car Ban Reintroduction vs. Rishi Sunak’s Delay

Red Wall Voters Divided on 2030 Car Ban Reintroduction vs. Rishi Sunak’s Delay

Red Wall Voters’ Views on Car Ban Deadlines

A recent poll among Red Wall voters has shed light on their opinions regarding the deadline for banning new petrol and diesel cars.

While there is clear division, the majority of respondents have expressed their support for Rishi Sunak’s plan to delay the restriction to 2035, with only a quarter backing Labour’s pledge to reintroduce the original 2030 date.

Prime Minister’s Decision to Ax the Net Zero Measure

Last month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the decision to remove the Net Zero measure, aiming to alleviate the burden on regular motorists.

This move has received substantial backing from Red Wall constituents, with 53 percent showing their support.

Labour’s Commitment to the Original Deadline

In contrast, Labour frontbenchers have stated their intention to reinstate the original 2030 deadline as part of their efforts to promote electric cars.

However, this decision has not resonated well with Red Wall voters, as only 27 percent of respondents backed the Opposition party’s stance.

Opinions on the 2035 Deadline

Interestingly, only a fifth of those surveyed expressed opposition to the new 2035 deadline, while 22 percent advocated for the complete abandonment of the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

Concerns Over a ‘War on Motorists’

The poll also revealed that over half (51 percent) of Red Wall voters feel there is an ongoing ‘war on motorists,’ while just 17 percent disagree with this perception.

This sentiment indicates a significant concern among this group regarding policies affecting drivers.

Political Implications and Party Standings

These poll results may raise concerns within the Labour Party, especially in light of their recent narrowing lead over the Tories in crucial Red Wall seats.

Winning these constituencies is crucial for Labour’s chances of securing a majority in the upcoming election, making it essential to understand and address the concerns of Red Wall voters.

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