Ofcom Survey Exposes Evri as the Most Disliked Parcel Company in Britain

Ofcom Survey Exposes Evri as the Most Disliked Parcel Company in Britain

Unhappy Customers: Evri Voted Most Disliked Parcel Firm in Britain

Customer Dissatisfaction Peaks: Evri Tops List of Unpopular Parcel Services

Regulator Ofcom’s recent survey has revealed that Evri, a prominent delivery service, holds the unenviable title of the most disliked parcel firm in Britain.

The study indicated that nearly half of those who interacted with Evri regarding any issue expressed dissatisfaction with the complaints process.

In contrast, only one in four reported satisfaction with the system, marking a significant gap in customer contentment.

Retailer Fallout: Shoppers Abandoning Major Retailers Tied to Evri

Last month, Money Mail shed light on the trend of shoppers distancing themselves from major retailers utilizing Evri (formerly known as Hermes) for their online order deliveries.

The dissatisfaction with Evri’s services has prompted customers to reconsider their choices when it comes to preferred retailers.

Runner-Up in Unpopularity: Yodel’s Displeased Customer Base

Yodel, another parcel delivery company, secured the unenviable position of being the second-worst in customer satisfaction.

A third of respondents expressed their unhappiness with the process of contacting Yodel.

The survey highlighted a broader trend, with two-thirds of participants reporting problems with at least one delivery in the year leading up to June.

Common Grievances: Parcel Damage, Inconvenient Delivery Locations, and Time Constraints

The survey identified common grievances among customers, including parcel damage, inappropriate delivery locations, and insufficient time given to answer the door.

Such issues contribute to the growing discontent among consumers relying on these delivery services for their online purchases.

Varying Customer Service Quality: Disparities Across Parcel Companies

Ofcom’s findings underscore a significant disparity in the quality of customer services provided by different parcel companies.

Notably, FedEx, Amazon, and DHL received high scores for customer satisfaction, with nearly six in ten FedEx users expressing contentment and only 16% voicing concerns.

Ofcom’s Intervention and Industry Improvements: A Necessary Shift

Since April, Ofcom has mandated parcel operators to enhance their complaints handling processes, introducing stricter guidelines.

Operators were directed to improve information availability on their websites, phone lines, and live chats.

Additionally, they were required to offer options for email requests or callbacks.

This intervention aimed to address the evident dissatisfaction reported by less than half of recipients regarding the contact process, complaint handling, and issue resolution.

Citizen’s Advice Ranking and Company Responses: Evri and Yodel at the Bottom

Last month, Citizen’s Advice placed Evri and Yodel at the bottom of its annual parcels league table, each receiving just two out of five stars.

Responding to these rankings, an Evri spokesperson emphasized the company’s substantial improvements throughout the year, citing increased investments, expanded customer service avenues, and positive ratings from users.


The dissatisfaction with Evri and Yodel, as revealed by both Ofcom and Citizen’s Advice, points to broader issues within the parcel delivery industry.

Customer expectations for reliable and efficient services have not been met, leading to increased scrutiny and calls for improvement.

As companies respond to regulatory mandates and customer feedback, the evolving landscape of parcel services remains a focal point of consumer concern and industry reform.