OAU Student Subair Enitan Dispels Rumors of Hospitalization After Handwashing Marathon Attempt

“Addressing Concerns: Subair Enitan Sets the Record Straight”

In response to circulating rumors, Subair Enitan, a student at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), takes to social media to address concerns about her health following a handwashing marathon.

In a video posted on the official X handle for the marathon, she assures viewers of her well-being and dispels the notion that she ended up in the hospital.

“Acknowledging Supporters: Enitan Expresses Gratitude to School, Sponsors, and Fans”

Amid clarifying her health status, Subair Enitan takes a moment to express gratitude to her school, sponsors, and fans who supported her during the handwashing marathon attempt.

The acknowledgment reflects the communal effort and support surrounding her ambitious goal.

“From Marathon to Clarification: Enitan’s Handwashing Journey”

Subair Enitan embarked on her handwashing marathon on November 24, intending to break the Guinness World Record with a goal of 50 hours.

Surpassing expectations, she washed for 58 hours. While the Guinness World Record confirmation is pending, Enitan’s dedication and clarification regarding her health create a narrative around her remarkable journey.

“Dispelling Misinformation: Enitan Debunks Hospitalization Claims”

In the video, Enitan assures her audience that she is in good health, countering rumors of hospitalization. She playfully mentions waking up to take pictures and emphasizes that she has been at home with family and team members, debunking any concerns about her well-being.

The clarification adds a lighthearted touch to the narrative, showcasing Enitan’s resilience and positive spirit.

She said:

 “First of all, I’m sure you can see I’m very much okay. So to the people trending saying I landed in the hospital. I didn’t land in the hospital and these are my hands. I am better. I’ve been in my house with family members, my team members. I’ve been sleeping. I woke up this evening to take pictures. I have been very fine. Just dey play o. Nothing is wrong with me.”


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