Katie Price Dispels ‘Leak’ Rumors: Shares Plastered Bum After Podcast Performance

Media Frenzy After Podcast Performance

Katie Price found herself in the midst of a media frenzy after a fan claimed to witness her bum “leaking” during a live podcast performance at The Lowry Theatre.

Addressing Rumors on Instagram

The reality star took to Instagram to address the rumors directly, insisting there was “no leakage anywhere” and revealing a plastered bum as evidence.

Insight into Surgical Enhancements

During her Instagram stories, Katie shared insights into her recent surgical enhancements, shedding light on the person behind her procedures and dispelling claims of a botched bum filler.

Standing Strong: Katie Defends Surgeon and Procedure

Katie passionately defended her surgeon, Ellie, emphasizing their five-year professional relationship and expressing confidence in the cosmetic procedures they have undertaken together.

Onstage Confession and Bum Filler Revelation

During her podcast performance, Katie admitted to having recently undergone a bum filler procedure and acknowledged the visible plaster on her bum, challenging any claims of leakage.

Onlooker’s Account of Visible Mark

An onlooker reported seeing a visible mark on the side of Katie’s bum during the performance, describing a rippled effect and suggesting tissue was present to prevent filler leakage.

Perception of Discomfort During Performance

Attendees noted Katie’s perceived discomfort during the performance, with claims that she struggled to move and opted to sit down for comfort.

Post-Procedure Live Stream and Filler Details

Katie had recently live-streamed a bum filler procedure, injecting 500mls of filler into her buttocks for a perkier and rounder shape. The mum-of-five received the £1,500 procedure for free, overcoming her fear of needles.

Risks and Rewards of Cosmetic Enhancements

Katie’s recent cosmetic enhancements highlight the risks and rewards of undergoing procedures for aesthetic purposes, prompting discussions about the impact of fame on personal choices.

Setting the Record Straight with a Plastered Bum I

n an effort to set the record straight, Katie boldly revealed her plastered bum, challenging any notions of leakage and maintaining transparency about her recent cosmetic journey.

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