Former Marine and NYPD Captain Arrested for Kidnapping and Assault on Date

“NYPD Captain in Hot Water: Accused of Assault and Kidnapping in Shocking Case”

In a startling turn of events, Hariton Marachilian, a 45-year-old NYPD captain previously sued for alleged sexual harassment, is now facing serious charges of assault and kidnapping in New Jersey.

The incident, which occurred in December 2022, has come to light, shedding light on a disturbing pattern of behavior.

Allegations and Charges

Marachilian, already facing a litany of allegations, now faces charges of kidnapping, assault, criminal restraint, and criminal coercion in connection to the 2022 attack.

Passaic County prosecutors revealed that the assault involved choking the unidentified woman into submission, leaving visible marks on her neck. The disturbing incident continued with the Iraq War veteran striking her head against the dashboard and punching her repeatedly.

History of Allegations

This is not the first time Marachilian’s conduct has come under scrutiny. The legal complaint asserts that the officer has a history of stalking, harassment, or terroristic threats. The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating the incident as a domestic violence dispute that occurred on December 10 of last year.

Details of the Assault

According to the legal complaint, the assault took place inside and outside Marachilian’s vehicle, lasting for what felt like hours. The victim managed to escape at one point, only to be chased down by the off-duty officer.

Shockingly, Marachilian allegedly picked her up over his head and threw her to the ground before dragging her back to the vehicle for further assault.

Legal Ramifications and Suspension

Marachilian, who was earning $194,000 a year, has been put on unpaid leave in addition to his recent arrest. The charges he faces carry severe penalties, including 15-30 years in New Jersey State Prison for first-degree kidnapping, with 85 percent of the term to be served before parole eligibility.

Second-degree aggravated assault charges each carry an exposure of 5-10 years, and third-degree charges carry 3-5 years in prison for each.

Victim’s Injuries and Investigation

While the victim remains unidentified, the investigation found injuries to her legs, feet, bruises, swelling to her nose and face, and cuts to her eyes—all indicative of a brutal attack. The bleeding was reportedly from the victim’s nose and face. Marachilian, however, was unmarked.

The investigation also noted that the woman had either recently left Marachilian or informed him of ending their relationship before the alleged assault.

Checkered History and Previous Allegations

Marachilian’s history with the NYPD has been marked by at least six complaints filed against him, with nearly 20 allegations of wrongdoing.

Some date back to 2007 and involve alleged abuses of police authority, including an unsubstantiated stop and frisk incident. Notably, Marachilian was previously sued for sexual harassment in 2020 by fellow Police Captain Sharon Carolyn Balli.

Ongoing Legal Proceedings

As the legal proceedings unfold, Marachilian’s fate hangs in the balance. Prosecutors have requested pretrial detention until a court date is confirmed, with a scheduled appearance before a judge on December 12.

The officer, once a respected NYPD captain, now faces a potential downfall, with serious consequences looming over his actions. Stay tuned for further developments as this shocking case progresses.