Denise Welch’s Journey: Battling Addictions, Weight Gain, and Improved Health

Denise Welch’s Journey: Battling Addictions, Weight Gain, and Improved Health

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Denise Welch, a popular Loose Women star, recently opened up about her experience of replacing her alcohol addiction with another – food – which resulted in a weight gain of two stone.


Reflecting on her journey after giving up alcohol a decade ago, the 64-year-old shared pictures on Instagram to demonstrate the significant impact of controlling her intake of both alcohol and food on her life.

Swapping One Addiction for Another:

Denise Welch confessed that when she quit alcohol, she inadvertently replaced it with a new addiction: food.

This shift in habits led to a weight gain of two stone.

However, with the help of LighterLife, a weight loss program, and their mentorship and behavioral therapy approach, she was able to change her relationship with food and regain control over her intake.

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The Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle:

Denise Welch celebrated the 10th anniversary of her LighterLife journey and expressed her pride in losing two stone in just two months.

She commended LighterLife for its ability to change lives, particularly in reversing type 2 diabetes.


Furthermore, she revealed that her osteoarthritis, which had plagued her knees, improved by an astounding 90%.

Support and Encouragement from Followers:

Denise’s followers on Instagram applauded her incredible achievement and transformation.

They praised her stunning appearance, happiness, and the inspiration she has become for others who may be facing similar challenges.

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The supportive comments reflect the admiration and appreciation her followers have for her dedication and commitment to improving her health and well-being.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight and Improved Health:

Denise Welch emphasized that her journey was not solely focused on achieving a specific dress size.

While she now maintains a healthy weight through a flexifasting approach, she prioritizes her overall well-being.

As a size 12/14, she has witnessed remarkable improvements in her osteoarthritis and breathing, which were both adversely affected by her weight gain.


Denise Welch’s story highlights the complexities of addiction and the challenges that can arise when trying to overcome one addiction while inadvertently developing another.

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Her openness about her struggles and ultimate success in regaining control over her relationship with food serves as an inspiration to others facing similar battles.

Additionally, her experience sheds light on the importance of comprehensive weight loss programs like LighterLife, which focus not only on physical transformation but also on behavioral change and support.

Denise’s improved health, particularly the significant reduction in her osteoarthritis symptoms, demonstrates the positive impact of leading a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Her story encourages others to prioritize overall well-being rather than solely focusing on societal expectations of size and appearance.


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