Police Unveil Arrest Footage of Profiterole-Munching Drug Dealer and Supplier with £2,000 of Drugs

Police Unveil Arrest Footage of Profiterole-Munching Drug Dealer and Supplier with £2,000 of Drugs

Caught on Bodycam: Police Unveil Arrest Footage of Profiterole-Munching Drug Dealer and Supplier with £2,000 of Drugs

Cambridgeshire Police release gripping bodycam footage capturing the moment 20-year-old Aurimas Leonavicius, indulging in profiteroles and fried chicken, is confronted by officers, leading to the discovery of drugs and a subsequent arrest.

Unraveling the Confrontation: Agitated Drug Dealer Protests Innocence as Officer Initiates Stop and Search

The footage reveals the tense encounter between police and Leonavicius as he attempts to walk away during a routine stop and search.

Despite protests of innocence, the search uncovers a knife, cocaine, and cannabis, resulting in his initial arrest.

From Release to Rearrest: Leonavicius Faces Further Charges After Cherry Hinton Drug Deal Observation

After being released under investigation, Leonavicius is again apprehended by Neighbourhood Support Team officers during a suspected drug deal, leading to the discovery of crack cocaine and heroin concealed within his waistband. He is subsequently charged with possession with intent to supply and faces court proceedings.

Legal Proceedings Unfold: Leonavicius Sentenced to One Year and Ten Months in Prison

The legal saga concludes with Leonavicius admitting offenses, including possession of a knife, cannabis, and cocaine. He is sentenced to one year and ten months in prison, highlighting the severity of his involvement in drug-related activities.

Second Offender: Kevy Kabula’s Encounter with Police Revealed in Another Bodycam Video

Another bodycam video from Cambridgeshire Police exposes the arrest of 20-year-old Kevy Kabula in central Peterborough.

Despite protests of innocence, Kabula is found with crack cocaine and heroin during a search, leading to further revelations of his involvement in drug trafficking.

Persistent Denials and Incriminating Evidence: Kabula’s Troubles Unfold During Custodial Search

Kabula’s initial denial of any wrongdoing is shattered as police find crack cocaine in his trouser pocket along with cash and mobile phones.

A subsequent custodial search reveals a stash of crack cocaine and heroin concealed within his underpants.

Judicial Outcome: Kevy Kabula Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Drug Offenses

After admitting to possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and heroin, as well as being concerned in the supply of these drugs, Kevy Kabula faces the consequences with a four-year prison sentence.

Police Perspective: Detectives Emphasize the Fight Against Knife Crime and Drug Dealing

Detective Constable Rebecca Neville, involved in Leonavicius’ case, underscores the commitment to combat knife crime and drug dealing, emphasizing the proactive efforts to disrupt such activities and bring offenders to justice.

Proactive Policing: Detective Constable Rhiann Ward Commends Team’s Intercept of Drug Deal

Detective Constable Rhiann Ward, part of the team investigating Kabula’s case, applauds the proactive work in intercepting a drug deal, highlighting the crucial role of the police in preventing drugs from reaching the streets and urging the public to report suspicions.

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