Non-makeup Amber Heard and daughter Oonagh visit Spain

Non-makeup Amber Heard and daughter Oonagh visit Spain

Amber Heard, who plays the Aquaman actress, seemed carefree as she played with her kid on Sunday, despite her ongoing battle to get insurance to pay the $8 million in legal bills she owes her ex, Johnny Depp.

The troubled actress wore a black tank top, white ankle-length leggings, and a simple pair of flip shoes when visiting a playground in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on Sunday.

Heard, 36, even let her hair down on Sunday while playing with her 1-year-old daughter Oonagh in the Mediterranean city after rescuing her off a slide. Oonagh is Heard’s child with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Despite the fact that she is still paying her ex-husband Johnny Depp over $10 million in legal expenses from their well reported defamation battle, she seems to be enjoying herself while touring the Spanish city with a small group.

The actress recently switched attorneys in an effort to persuade two insurance companies to cover the balance of her multimillion-dollar libel award.

She is now being represented in her appeal of that judgment by David L. Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown.

According to Puck News, the actress recently added Kirk Pasich to her legal team in an effort to convince many insurance providers to pay her potentially $15 million in legal expenses.

Puck asserts that before the Virginia trial had started, Heard’s spending increased by nearly $8 million. It seems that Heard’s team wants homeowner’s insurance to pay for such expenses.

New York Marine General Insurance Company and Travelers Commercial Insurance Company are at odds.

In July 2021, Travelers filed a lawsuit against New York Marine to recover payment for the portion of defense costs that ended up being paid by Heard.

Heard had received a general liability insurance policy from New York Marine for $1 million, but her homes policy with Travelers only covered “libel” up to a threshold of around $500,000 in coverage.

The main contention in the lawsuit was that New York Marine thought the matter was “pretty plain forward,” while Travelers thought Heard had the right to choose her own attorneys. The court supported New York Marine’s request to hire less expensive local counsel.

Travelers said that Timothy McEvoy and Sean Patrick Roche, who were chosen to represent New York Marine, ‘piggybacked’ on the work of Heard attorneys Roberta Kaplan and Elaine Charlson Bredehoft.

On the other hand, New York Marine said that Kaplan and Bredehoft had barred their lawyers from representing them.

Due to the fact that their attorneys were excluded from many court hearings, they now want the return of the $621,693 they contributed to Heard’s defense fund.

Currently, Heard is being sued by the insurers to prevent them from paying towards the $10.35 million libel judgment that the Aquaman actress is expected to pay Depp due to a California statute that forbids insurance from paying for “willful conduct.”

In an effort to handle this problem on Heard’s behalf, Pasich is acting as her representative.

If Heard’s appeal is successful, she may be liable for the full judgment since Travelers would attempt to avoid paying it if Depp could show that Heard had made false representations.

Depp, 59, received $10 to $15 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive penalties at the conclusion of the defamation trial.

Later, the court set a ceiling on the damages at the $350,000 state maximum, leaving Depp with $8.35 million in total.

Heard’s three countersuit allegations about comments made by Depp’s attorney that implied the actress and her companions had wrecked their flat before contacting the police were successful in one of her three cases.

Out of the $100 million that the actress requested in compensatory damages, $2 million was granted.

Depp’s team did the same to challenge the couple million the star owes to his ex-wife a day after Heard’s team filed an appeal.

In order to guarantee that “all information is examined by the court” when they return to evaluate Heard’s appeal, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s team said they filed an appeal.

Heard’s lawyer requested that the court set aside the verdict and declare a mistrial before Heard filed an appeal. One of the jurors in the case was said to not have been qualified to participate since his summons was meant for his father, who had the same name and residence.

The judge denied the motion, stating that the jury’s decision should remain since there was no “proof of fraud or misconduct” by the juror.

»Non-makeup Amber Heard and daughter Oonagh visit Spain«

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