Nollywood Star Shan George Stands Firm: Declares Davido a King Amid Cheating Scandal

Nollywood Star Shan George Stands Firm: Declares Davido a King Amid Cheating Scandal

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Nollywood actress Shan George stands by Davido amidst the recent cheating scandal, expressing her support in a blog’s comment section.


As she addressed the issue, she confidently declared Davido as a king and affirmed his love for Chioma, dismissing the ongoing fiasco as mere gossip.

According to Shan George, the rumors surrounding Davido’s fidelity hold no weight compared to his genuine affection for Chioma.

In her words, “Davido is a KING.


And he loves Chioma.

The rest is just baseless talk.

End of story.”

Anita Brown Criticizes Davido and Chioma’s Alleged Hasty Marriage

Shortly after Shan George’s statement, Anita Brown, the alleged pregnant mistress of Davido, came forward to criticize the singer’s marriage.

Anita claimed that their union lacked sincerity, arguing that they did not honor God in their nuptials.


She further highlighted that their marriage seemed to be based on tribal rules, with Davido displaying no commitment to the relationship.

Anita vowed to disclose conversations between Davido and his unidentified cousin, discussing Chioma and her deceased child.

Expressing her disdain, she said, “Give that fake marriage a break! They didn’t honor God! Marriage for money, marriage based on tribal rules, and marriage where the husband has no intention of being committed! Pathetic.

Embarrassing. Shame on y’all. Wait until I tell y’all the conversation he and his ‘cousin’ were having pertaining to that wife and their deceased child. Y’all think it’s a game. Shit is sad. All that man cares about is himself and his career.

Like I really believe those African movies and what they are willing to do to reach the top and stay there.


Shit is sad, son.”

Anita Brown Questions Davido’s Motive for Marrying Chioma

Continuing her criticism, Anita Brown challenged Davido on his decision to marry Chioma, questioning whether he would have done so if their son had not passed away.

Accusing him of being associated with bad luck and devilish practices, Anita claimed that Davido had sacrificed his son for rituals.

She further accused him of engaging in sexual relations with multiple women while insisting on unprotected intercourse.

Anita condemned those who idolize Davido, emphasizing his irresponsibility as a father, which she believed ultimately led to his son’s demise.


The entrepreneur also alleged that Davido referred to Chioma in derogatory terms and questioned whether sympathy should be extended to the singer.


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