Felix Duke alleges that Emeka Ike’s wife lied, claiming he was present at their wedding, naming ceremony, and court proceedings. He also strongly criticizes Shan George.

Accusations and Attempts at Reconciliation

Felix Duke’s Revelation
President of Creative Industry Group (CIG), Felix Duke, publicly confronts Suzanne Emma, the ex-wife of renowned actor Emeka Ike, accusing her of deceit regarding the issues within their marriage.

He disclosed this on his official Instagram page, shedding light on the recent marital upheaval in Emeka Ike’s life.

Involvement and Efforts
Duke, a close friend of Emeka before his marriage, asserted his involvement in trying to resolve the escalating marital discord.

He organized a meeting between the estranged couple before they pursued legal proceedings, convening at a hotel in Ogudu, Kosofe Local Government Area, Lagos State.

Unsuccessful Reconciliation and Emma’s Determination

Meeting’s Outcome
Despite Suzanne Emma appearing composed during the meeting, Duke revealed that the couple regressed into turmoil once she departed.

Despite his persistent attempts at reconciliation, Emma adamantly refused to heed Duke’s pleas, resolutely determined to terminate the marriage for reasons undisclosed.

Emotional Turmoil and Court Proceedings
Emeka Ike’s deep emotional struggle post-separation was emphasized by Duke, who highlighted Emeka’s distress and tears following Emma’s departure.

Duke recounted his supportive role, consoling Emeka during this challenging phase.

He vividly described the emotional turmoil during court proceedings, where Emeka knelt before Emma in a desperate bid for reconciliation, to no avail.

Allegations and Emma’s Actions

Allegations of Abandonment and Misleading Perception
Duke addressed claims that Emma abandoned a school project, suggesting it was a consequence of her detachment from the marriage.

He revealed Emeka’s unawareness of Emma’s disconnection from their union, as he still perceived her as his wife despite her apparent withdrawal.

Family Dynamics and External Support

Michael’s Actions and Shan George’s Involvement
Felix expressed concern over Emeka Ike’s son, Michael, who resorted to social media to denigrate his father, possibly under his mother’s influence.

He questioned the feasibility of mending their relationship after such public displays of disrespect.

Additionally, Duke criticized Shan George, a supporter of Emma, questioning her involvement and understanding of the situation without direct knowledge or empathy for the Ike family’s plight.

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