Nollywood Actress Allwell Ademola Delights Fans with Throwback Photos

…By for TDPel Media. Nollywood actress Allwell Ademola recently brought joy to her fans by sharing a series of beautiful throwback photos featuring herself and her fellow colleagues.


Among the snapshots, Allwell Ademola, Adeyemo Adebola Seilat, and Oyinade Adegbenro can be seen in both old and new pictures, taking us on a nostalgic journey down memory lane from their past to the present.

The images portray moments from a movie set, capturing the essence of their careers and growth in the film industry.

The heartwarming post garnered attention, including a love emoji reaction from fellow actor Rotimi Salami, showcasing the camaraderie shared among the entertainment circle.


Allwell Ademola Addresses Trolls Regarding Her Musical Career

In a recent incident, Allwell Ademola confronted online trolls who made disparaging remarks about her musical endeavors, which have spanned over two decades.

Expressing her dismay at the hurtful comments, the actress recalled an incident where she was invited as a guest artiste for a show, and some individuals belittled her musical pursuits.

The negative comments questioned her authenticity as a singer and implied that everyone was trying to venture into music.

Allwell Ademola clarified that her involvement in music was not a recent development, as she had been part of the band “Allwell & Company” for more than 22 years.

Despite the criticism, she maintained her positive outlook, responding with grace and stating, “Ire o,” meaning ‘Goodness will prevail’ in Yoruba.


Allwell Ademola Sets the Record Straight on Her ’35’ Age Controversy

In 2020, Allwell Ademola stirred up a conversation when she celebrated her birthday by stating that she was 35 years old.

This declaration surprised many, as she had been claiming to be 35 for the past few years during her birthday celebrations.

Addressing the age controversy in an interview with Sunday Scoop, the actress clarified that the annual claims of being 35 were not to be taken literally.

She playfully emphasized that it was merely a joke and a way to entertain her audience.

As an entertainer, she enjoyed adding humor to her celebrations, playfully suggesting that she was “catching a cruise” and striving to stay forever young at heart.


Allwell Ademola’s lighthearted approach to her age amused her fans and proved that she was not only a talented actress but also a master at entertaining her audience.

She cheekily teased that the following year, she would once again be celebrating her “35th year.”

In conclusion, Allwell Ademola’s recent posts and interviews show her authenticity, humor, and resilience in the face of online criticism.

As a seasoned actress and musician, she continues to inspire and entertain her fans, proving that age is just a number and the pursuit of one’s passion knows no bounds.


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