Nollywood Actor Okon Prays for Successful Inauguration of Incoming Administration

Nollywood Actor Okon Prays for Successful Inauguration of Incoming Administration

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. Ime Bishop Umoh, popularly known as Okon, a renowned Nollywood actor, has offered a prayer for the incoming administration as the May 29 inauguration approaches.


Okon expressed his hope that the new government would not mismanage the country to the extent that citizens would yearn for the outgoing administration.

Concerns Over a Worsening Economy with Each Government

In a recent Instagram post, Okon shared his worry about a recurring pattern where Nigerians tend to miss their previous leaders as each new government takes over and the state of the economy deteriorates.

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He voiced his concerns about the trend and the potential impact on the citizens.

Reflecting on Outgoing President’s Ambition

The comic actor expressed his view that the outgoing president’s primary motivation was to fulfill his personal, lifelong ambition of ruling Nigeria again, rather than genuinely serving the nation.

Okon alleged that President Buhari’s ambition was not driven by a desire to serve the people.

Praying for a Positive Future

Concluding his post, Okon earnestly prayed that Nigerians would not find themselves longing for the administration of President Buhari.


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He emphasized his hope for a Nigeria where the government’s performance would not lead to nostalgia for the current leadership.

In summary, Nollywood actor Okon has shared his prayer for the incoming administration, expressing concerns about the worsening economy under previous governments.

He reflected on the outgoing president’s ambition and prayed for a future in which Nigerians would not have reason to miss the current administration.


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