NNPC delivers fifth crude oil shipment to Dangote Refinery

Refinery Milestone: One Million Barrels of Bonny Light Crude Oil Delivered

The Dangote Petroleum Refinery has marked a significant achievement with the receipt of one million barrels of Bonny Light crude oil, marking the fifth shipment from Nigeria’s National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPC).

This accomplishment sets the stage for the refinery’s upcoming operations and underscores the progress made in its development.

Ongoing Preparations for the Sixth Shipment

Anticipating the arrival of its sixth millionth cargo of crude oil next week, the Dangote Petroleum Refinery is actively preparing for this milestone.

As the refinery gears up to commence operations, the successful delivery of the recent crude oil shipment signals a major stride forward in its operational readiness.

Crude Oil Delivery and Processing at Dangote Refinery

The fifth shipment, consisting of one million barrels of crude oil, has been successfully delivered to the Single Point Mooring (SPM)-C2 Dangote Offshore Oil Terminal.

Subsequently, the crude oil has been emptied into the refinery’s crude oil tanks.

It is noteworthy that prior to this, four million barrels of crude oil had already been delivered to the Dangote Refinery.

Strategic Plans for Crude Oil Supply and Refinery Operations

Mr. Akin Omole, the managing director of Dangote Ports Operations, highlighted the refinery’s strategic plans.

He revealed that the refinery aims to receive a total of six million shipments of crude oil by the end of 2023, with the final two shipments expected to arrive in early January 2024.

This comprehensive crude oil supply is integral to positioning the refinery for a successful start-up.

Significance for Nigeria and West African Countries

The successful delivery of crude oil to the Dangote Petroleum Refinery holds broader implications for Nigeria and West African countries.

Mr. Akin Omole emphasized that this development will play a pivotal role in addressing fuel supply challenges in the region.

Designed to process various crude grades, the refinery is poised to meet domestic requirements and contribute to regional energy stability.

Dangote Group’s Vision and Expectations

President of the Dangote Group, Mr. Aliko Dangote, expressed his delight at the milestone achieved by the refinery.

He emphasized its importance as a demonstration of the country’s capability to undertake and deliver large capital projects.

Looking ahead, the focus is on ramping up the refinery to its full capacity, with anticipation for the next significant milestone – delivering the first batch of products to the Nigerian market.

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