Nigerian Police Spokesperson Denies Release of Deborah’s Killers: Addressing Misinformation and Ensuring Justice

Nigerian Police Spokesperson Denies Release of Deborah’s Killers: Addressing Misinformation and Ensuring Justice

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. The Nigerian police spokesperson, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, recently addressed the public’s concerns regarding the handling of justice for Deborah Samuel, who was killed in 2022 over alleged blasphemy.


This statement comes as the nation marks Deborah’s first death anniversary, with some netizens questioning the status of the suspects involved in the case.

CSP Adejobi debunked claims that the killers had been released and emphasized the importance of refraining from spreading false information that could jeopardize national security and unity.

Addressing False Claims and Ensuring Public Safety:

CSP Adejobi dismissed the notion that the suspects responsible for Deborah’s murder had been released.

He clarified that they were currently in custody at the Nigerian correctional center and undergoing prosecution.

Adejobi expressed his concern about the weightiness and danger posed by the falsehood being spread.

He urged individuals to refrain from disseminating such misinformation that could potentially create chaos within the country.


Questioning the Intentions of Doubters:

In response to those questioning the arrest and progress of the suspects, CSP Adejobi called attention to their unfounded doubts.

He suggested that instead of spreading baseless claims, they should seek accurate information from relevant authorities such as the Sokoto Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) or the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS).

He emphasized the need for accountability, stating that if any crisis were to arise due to such false statements, those responsible would be questioned regarding their motives or the motives of their sponsors.

Adejobi deemed the doubters’ comments as careless and lacking guidance.

Reiterating the Need for Evidence and Updates:

To address concerns and prevent further inquiries, CSP Adejobi stated that the Sokoto PPRO would provide an update regarding the case, including evidence and pictures of the arrested individuals.

By doing so, the police aim to assure the public that progress is being made in the investigation and prosecution of the suspects.

This transparency will help establish trust and maintain a sense of justice among the people.


The Nigerian police spokesperson’s response to the public’s concerns regarding Deborah’s case highlights the importance of countering misinformation and ensuring justice.


By firmly debunking the claims of the killers’ release, CSP Adejobi demonstrates the commitment of the police force to uphold the rule of law.

His emphasis on the dangers posed by spreading false information reflects the potential consequences of inciting unrest and compromising national security.

Additionally, by encouraging individuals to seek accurate information from authorized sources, he promotes responsible behavior and discourages the proliferation of baseless rumors.

The promise of updates, evidence, and pictures from the Sokoto PPRO aims to address the public’s need for transparency and accountability, ultimately fostering trust in the justice system.


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