Nigerian Musician Charly Boy Threatens Legal Action Against Premier Records for Copyright Violations

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Renowned Nigerian musician and activist, Charles Emeka Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, has issued a legal threat against Premier Records Limited, citing copyright infringements.


According to Charly Boy, the record label has violated the terms of their musical contract, which was signed between both parties in 1988 and 1990.

Expired Contracts and Ongoing Breach:

The Artist Recording Agreements, which were signed between Charly Boy and Premier Records Limited, have long expired.

However, the musician claims that the record label has continued to breach his copyrights to the musical works.


Legal Document and Ultimatum:

In a legal document prepared by Charly Boy’s legal representative, Rockson Lega Rockson Legal, and dated June 19, 2023, the musician threatens to take Premier Records Limited to court over the matter.

The record label is given a 30-day ultimatum to surrender master tapes, artworks, promotional materials, and other confidential information related to the music to Charly Boy.

Albums and Royalties in Question:

The albums at the center of the dispute include a 1990 album featuring songs like “Big Bottom,” “Aids,” “Sexy Lady,” “Mama,” and “Nwata Miss.”

Additionally, the albums titled “U-Turn” and “Reality” are also part of the conflict, with songs such as “Akula,” “Sheri,” “Comfort,” “Civilian Barrack,” “Monkey,” and “Baby Come Back” being contested.

Charly Boy also demands the payment of outstanding royalties owed to him by Premier Records Limited within the specified ultimatum.


Legal Notice and Formal Demands:

The legal document asserts that the contractual obligations and considerations outlined in the expired agreements were not met and fulfilled.

Charly Boy’s legal team warns Premier Records Limited that further breaches after receiving the letter will result in legal action.

The document concludes with a list of songs and albums and a demand for the record label to hand over the necessary materials and information to Charly Boy within 30 days.

Hope for Compliance:

Charly Boy’s legal representative expresses hope that Premier Records Limited will comply with the demands and expectations outlined in the letter.

The musician seeks a resolution to the copyright infringements and the retrieval of his rightful materials and outstanding royalties.


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