Nigeria Police Issue Warning to Comedians and Skit Makers Over Disturbing Prank Videos

Nigeria Police Issue Warning to Comedians and Skit Makers Over Disturbing Prank Videos

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. The Nigeria Police Force has issued a warning to comedians and skit makers in the country regarding recent prank videos that are causing concern.


In a video message, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), cautioned comedians and pranksters who use dummy or real guns in their acts to be mindful of their actions.

He emphasized that police officers could mistake them for criminals, potentially leading to unintended consequences such as gunfire.

Call for Regulation of Skit Makers’ Activities

While acknowledging that the police cannot prevent citizens from pursuing their livelihoods, CSP Adejobi urged skit makers and comedians to regulate their activities due to the potential dangers they pose to Nigerian lives.

He stressed that prank masters and skit makers should avoid engaging in offensive, dangerous, and unlawful activities that could endanger people’s lives or subject them to dehumanization.

Highlighting the Risks and Need for Caution

The FPRO expressed concern about the escalating risks associated with these prank videos and the potential consequences for individuals involved.

He emphasized the need for caution, particularly when using guns or mistreating people on the streets, as such actions are strongly discouraged by security agents.


Adejobi raised the scenario of a person carrying a dummy gun for a prank, explaining that if confronted by police officers on patrol, they may mistake the individual for a criminal planning a robbery, potentially leading to fatal consequences.

Addressing Physical Assaults and the Importance of Regulation

Without explicitly naming anyone, the police officer referenced a popular skit maker known for physically assaulting Nigerians in his pranks.

He criticized such behavior, considering it an offense that should be regulated.

Adejobi emphasized that individuals engaging in pranks should exercise caution to ensure they do not cross the line and violate the law.

He also highlighted the importance of respectful conduct, stating that even if the subject of the prank is not dressed appropriately, resorting to physical punishment is unacceptable.


The Nigeria Police Force’s warning to comedians and skit makers regarding disturbing prank videos aims to raise awareness about potential risks and consequences associated with their actions.

By urging regulation and responsible conduct, the police seek to ensure the safety and well-being of both the pranksters and the public.

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