Nigeria Internet Registration Association, tells govt to REDUCE internet cost

Muhammed Rudman, President of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association, has urged the government to make the Internet more accessible to all Nigerians.

Rudman made the request during the 2022 Nigeria Internet Registration Association NIRA award ceremony, which was held in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, and where Voice of Nigeria was one of the contenders for best Electronic Media Website Radio.

He stated that internet penetration in Nigeria has aided in the growth of the economy, emphasizing the need to expand access to more Nigerians through ongoing training and retraining.

“The internet usage in the country is phenomenal,” Rudman stated. With over 100 million people online, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa.

It has made significant progress in practically every major industry. We need to better educate the public and find a means to lower the cost of internet so that it is more cheap, especially since many Nigerians live in poverty.”

Professor Tayo Osibanjo of the Covenant University in Nigeria described how the internet has made studying easier for students and schools.

Professor Osibanjo believes that the country’s public schools should be given greater attention, and that all pupils should have access to the internet.

According to him, modern communication is dependent on the internet, and any institution that does not use it denies its pupils the necessary information, and no country has experienced significant development without it.

“During the lockdown, Covenant University was in session,” claimed Professor Osibanjo. For all of our activity, we actually despised the internet. Covenant University offers something that is not available at public universities. Currently, students must pay additional money to purchase data, which is provided for free in some private schools. Nigeria needs to improve its educational system. Any form of progress that we are discussing requires education. If someone can afford to buy a form for 100 million naira to contest an election in which he has no idea what the conclusion will be, it speaks volumes.”

Agim Ikwen of Webguru hosting services, Hammed Shehu of the Nigerian Communications Commission, Ayiabari Kigbara of the Nigerian Communications Commission, and Obadiah Nkom of the Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office are among the award honorees at the 2022 Nigeria Internet Registration Association.

The honorees praised NIRA’s efforts in making the Internet accessible in Nigeria and pledged to use the dot ng domain extension in their enterprises on a regular basis.

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