Niger Delta Congress Rebukes Sheikh Gumi’s Comments on Nyesom Wike

Niger Delta Congress Challenges Sheikh Gumi’s Comments on Nyesom Wike

In a recent development, the Niger Delta Congress (NDC) has taken a firm stance against controversial Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi, following his remarks urging President Bola Tinubu to remove Nyesom Wike as the minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Gumi’s Controversial Sermon

Sheikh Gumi, known for his outspoken views, made this call during a sermon where he stated that unless Tinubu removes the former Rivers governor from his FCT ministerial position, they won’t see eye to eye.

NDC’s Response to Gumi

In a statement released on a Friday, Mudiaga Ogboru, the national spokesperson for NDC, responded to Gumi’s comments.

Ogboru emphasized that Nyesom Wike, like any other Nigerian, possesses the right to lead any ministry within the government.

He highlighted the importance of acknowledging that the Federal Capital Territory was constructed using oil resources from the Niger Delta.

Concerns Over Extremist Views

The NDC expressed its deep concern over what they termed Sheikh Gumi’s “negative broadcast.”

They criticized what they saw as extremist and ethnoreligious views that were allowed to circulate without restraint, particularly those directed at individuals from the South-South region of Nigeria.

Urgent Call for Action

The statement from NDC did not mince words.

It called for immediate intervention by security agencies to rein in individuals like Sheikh Gumi, who appear to incite violence against Southerners.

The NDC warned that failing to address these issues could set a worrying precedent for how various regions in Nigeria, especially the Niger Delta, would respond to such provocations in the future.

This development highlights the ongoing complexities and tensions within Nigeria’s political and religious landscape, with concerns about the potential for violence and the need for responsible rhetoric and action by authorities.