Niger Coup: Labour Party (LP) questions President Bola Tinubu about his stance on the rebellion in the Niger Republic

Niger Coup: Labour Party (LP) questions President Bola Tinubu about his stance on the rebellion in the Niger Republic

Saturday, the Labour Party (LP) questioned President Bola Tinubu about his stance on the rebellion in the Niger Republic.


According to reports by Naija News, Mohamed Bozoum, the elected president of Niger, was deposed by military authorities a few weeks ago.

In a statement issued on Saturday in response to the development, LP warned President Tinubu against interfering in the internal affairs of the Niger Republic.

According to the LP, there was little to no distinction between how coupists seized power in Niger and how President Tinubu allegedly manipulated the general elections of 2023.

Saturday in Abuja, the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Obiora Ifoh, made this claim.


He stated, “The Labour Party has always maintained that the process leading up to any electoral activity is significantly more significant than its result.

“You will recall that the processes leading up to the general election of 2023 were biased, manipulated, and contrived.

“A government that came to power through such illicit means lacks the moral authority to investigate a similar act committed outside the borders of this country.

“Although many Nigerians have spoken out against the planned military invasion of the Niger Republic, the Labour Party believes that a government that currently lacks legitimacy, having seized power in a manner similar to that of the putschist in the Niger Republic, has no right to lead a puritan force against a sovereign nation.

“We firmly believe that charity should always start at home. The sacred book also states that one must remove the speck from one’s own eyes before criticizing another’s.


“If elections can be arbitrarily manipulated, which led to the formation of the current government in Nigeria, then what moral grounds does that government have to query similar actions, such as military coups, in other nations?

“A coup is a coup, whether by the military or in a democracy; otherwise, how can one explain a situation in which the most popular candidate with the ostensibly highest number of votes cast in an election is denied the pecks of his popular support by another candidate whose ostensible victory was aided by fraudulent government institutions?

“Once again, the country’s socioeconomic situation has deteriorated to the point where Nigeria is wallowing in abject poverty, starvation, and unemployment.

“The poor economic policies of the government, the increase in the prices of petroleum products, and the escalating foreign exchange situation have exacerbated the deterioration of the people’s living conditions.

“Therefore, for a nation facing such a massive crisis, the idea of waging war against another nation or defending democracy is not only ludicrous, but also ill-conceived and misguided.


“The government should not pursue any policy that does not have a direct bearing or effect on improving the living conditions and living standard of Nigerians.

“We already face a sufficient number of crises, including insecurity, hunger, unemployment, poverty, and inadequate infrastructure, among others; I believe the government has sufficient duties to concentrate on rather than meddling in the internal affairs of another nation.

“Again, international law prohibits nations such as Nigeria from interfering in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations; consequently, it is our sincere opinion that the government’s intervention in the internal affairs of the Niger Republic is unwarranted, unjustified, and unnecessary at this time.

“Nigeria cannot act as the elder brother of Africa when its citizens are starving. We are only a giant in Africa in reputation; in reality, we fall far short of expectations.

“The government must put Nigeria first, as we are faced with enormous obstacles.”


“Rather than wasting time, resources, and energy on the affairs of another sovereign nation, the government must focus on restoring our economy, rebuilding our infrastructure, creating jobs, and putting an end to the violence and insecurity in Nigeria.”


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