Nickelodeon Nightmare or Sticky Situation? Swamp Daddy’s Battles Back After Ethylene Glycol Spill

Nickelodeon Nightmare or Sticky Situation? Swamp Daddy’s Battles Back After Ethylene Glycol Spill

Unexpected Catastrophe:

Swamp Daddy’s, a southern-style burger joint in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, faced an unforeseen calamity when lime green glycol slime inundated the restaurant.

The incident occurred after an HVAC company inadvertently struck a pipe while relocating a furnace in a nearby condo, causing the hazardous chemical liquid to flood the eatery.

The Slimy Fallout:

The aftermath left Swamp Daddy’s resembling a scene from Nickelodeon, with glycol slime coating various surfaces.

Glycol, a colorless and odorless chemical used in applications like antifreeze and brake fluid, created a perplexing cleanup challenge for the restaurant’s owner, Inkka Beaudion.

The joint had to shut down temporarily as a professional cleanup crew assessed the extent of the damage.

Damage Assessment and Cleanup:

Beaudion revealed the severity of the damage, explaining that porous items like tables, dining tables, lights, and even a unique custom countertop would need replacement due to contact with the glycol.

The owner lamented the recurring misfortunes, noting that this incident follows a water pipe burst in December 2022 and a fire in the prep area in May 2023.

Facing Adversity:

Expressing her distress, Beaudion questioned why such setbacks were happening, especially during the busiest month in the restaurant’s history.

Despite the challenges, she voiced determination to support her team, even considering hiring temporary staff from other restaurants.

The owner emphasized her commitment to ensuring her employees’ well-being during the unexpected closure.

Health Concerns and Optimism:

The hazardous nature of ethylene glycol was acknowledged, with potential harm from swallowing, exposure to vapors, and contact with the liquid form.

Beaudion, despite the challenges, expressed optimism about the recovery process, hoping for a quicker return to business compared to previous incidents.

She emphasized her dedication to taking care of her team, even if it meant personal financial contributions.

Conclusion – A Troubled Month:

Swamp Daddy’s finds itself grappling with an unexpected crisis, adding to a series of unfortunate events over the past two years.

As the restaurant navigates cleanup and restoration, the resilience and support from the owner offer a glimmer of hope amid the challenges.

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