Video reveals moment Ukrainian troops bombs Russian helicopter out in the sky

Ukrainian Troops Down Russian Helicopter

Engagement with Russian Helicopter

Newly surfaced video footage captures the dramatic moment when Ukrainian troops successfully targeted and downed a Russian helicopter while jubilantly shouting ‘Got him!’. This engagement was carried out using a laser-guided RBS-70 portable air-defense system supplied by Sweden. The incident took place near the village of Robotyne in the Zaporizhzhia region, which Ukraine claims to have liberated as part of its ongoing counter-offensive against Russian forces.

Details of the Attack

In the video documenting the helicopter takedown, a fighter can be heard giving the command to “Shoot!” The soldier then fires the shoulder-fired weapon from under the cover of trees, leading to a triumphant exclamation of ‘Got him!’ amid exclamations of excitement. The Russian Ka-52 Alligator helicopter, celebrated by the Kremlin as ‘the world’s best helicopter gunship,’ emits smoke as it sustains damage. A portion of the aircraft separates from the fuselage, sending it into a nosedive until it ultimately crashes to the ground. This footage offers a unique perspective on an incident from the previous month, during which the pilot reportedly survived.

High Casualties Among Russian Elite Soldiers

While the Ukrainian military continues to achieve battlefield successes, a notable US think-tank has reported significant casualties among Vladimir Putin’s elite soldiers. It is estimated that nearly 50 soldiers from the 7th VDV Division, considered part of Putin’s elite forces, were killed in a single day of combat near the village of Staromayorske. Disturbingly, Russian commanders allegedly did not oversee the retrieval of the fallen soldiers’ bodies, according to information shared by a Russian military blogger. This development represents another blow to Putin’s campaign, marked by the loss of top commanders and significant military equipment failures.

Focus on the Ka-52 Alligator Helicopter

The Ka-52 Alligator helicopter is unique due to its incorporation of an ejector seat, a feature uncommon for helicopters. It is worth noting that in a previous incident, the pilot of a downed Ka-52 was reported to have safely ejected using this feature. These all-weather attack helicopters, valued at £12.7 million each, are part of the Russian air force’s arsenal. Known for their exceptional maneuverability, they are capable of targeting armored ground vehicles, low-speed aerial targets, and personnel on the frontline.

Ongoing Developments in the Conflict

The conflict in Ukraine continues to evolve as Ukrainian forces make strategic gains. Recent geolocated footage indicates that Russian forces have been targeting Ukrainian positions northwest and west of Robotyne, suggesting that Ukrainian forces have advanced into an area previously claimed by Russian forces. The ongoing developments highlight Ukraine’s determination to reclaim territory. Russia, on the other hand, has been reluctant to acknowledge its losses, as seen in the case of Robotyne.

US Diplomatic Support and Aid

In a show of support, US diplomat Antony Blinken made a visit to Kyiv, marking the first such visit by a top US official since Russia’s invasion in February 2022. During his two-day trip, Blinken is expected to announce a significant package of US assistance valued at over $1 billion. This support underscores the United States’ commitment to Ukraine’s ongoing counter-offensive. Blinken is scheduled to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky and Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, among other high-ranking officials.

Incidents in Odesa Region and Missile Attack on Kyiv

In a separate development, a Russian drone attack targeted the Danube port of Izmail in the Odesa region, resulting in casualties and infrastructure damage. Ukrainian forces successfully downed 17 Russian drones over the Odesa region. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis expressed concern, noting the proximity of the attacks to Romania’s border. Additionally, Kyiv faced a missile attack, but fortunately, there were no casualties reported in this incident. Russian aircraft launched cruise missiles at the Ukrainian capital during this episode. These events illustrate the ongoing challenges and dangers faced by Ukraine in its continued struggle for territorial integrity.

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