Massive ‘Army of God’ MAGA Truck Convoy Heads to Southern Border, Aiming to Spotlight Escalating Crisis

Massive ‘Army of God’ MAGA Truck Convoy Heads to Southern Border, Aiming to Spotlight Escalating Crisis

MAGA ‘Army of God’ Convoy En Route to Southern Border Amid Escalating Crisis

As the border crisis intensifies with a record 302,000 migrants crossing into the US, a massive MAGA truck convoy, named ‘Army of God,’ is making its way to three migrant hotspots across three states.

The convoy, organized by Freedom Train International, aims to draw attention to the worsening crisis and pressure the White House into taking decisive action.

Wave of Support Grows Along Texas Highways

Former Parliamentary candidate Jim Ferguson shared a video on X showcasing the extensive convoy, with hundreds of individuals lining Texas highways, waving American flags.

The convoy, labeled ‘The Great Awakening,’ symbolizes a collective effort against the perceived threats posed by globalists, particularly under the Biden regime.

Freedom Train International’s Mission

Freedom Train International, the organization orchestrating the convoy, is a global ‘freedom and resistance movement’ dedicated to advocating for Freedom of Speech and Movement.

The convoy plans to head for Eagle Pass in Texas, Yuma in Arizona, and San Ysidro in California for a four-day ‘Take Back Our Border’ event.

Political and Border Dynamics

The political landscape surrounding the border crisis has become increasingly chaotic.

Despite President Joe Biden’s request for emergency funding and a vow to shut down the border if the bill passes, challenges persist.

Texas, led by Governor Greg Abbott, continues to clash with the federal government, with the state adding more wire fencing and refusing to relinquish control of a seized park.

Texas’ Defiance Despite Supreme Court Ruling

Following a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Biden Administration, Texas persists in its border-related actions, adding more wire fencing and retaining control of seized areas.

The state’s defiance sparks a political showdown, with federal and state authorities at odds over control and access to border-related sites.

Growing Support and Calls for Action

The convoy and its organizers call for peaceful American participation, demanding the Biden Administration to enforce existing laws and secure the border.

With 25 Republican governors supporting Governor Abbott, the border crisis has reached a boiling point, leading to increased involvement from state leaders.

Escalating Crisis Statistics

The border crisis has reached alarming proportions, with a record 2.48 million interceptions along the southern border in 2022 to 2023.

September 2023 witnessed an unprecedented high of 269,735 interceptions, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

The convoy and its participants are committed to a peaceful demonstration, urging decisive action to address the escalating crisis.