Angola’s Commanding 3-0 Win Over Namibia Sets Stage for Quarter-Final Faceoff

Angola’s Commanding 3-0 Win Over Namibia Sets Stage for Quarter-Final Faceoff

AFCON 2023 Drama Unfolds: Red Cards Galore in Angola vs. Namibia Clash

In a riveting encounter at the Stade Bouaké during the AFCON 2023 round of 16, Angola faced off against Namibia in a match marked by a flurry of red cards.

Angola, having secured the top spot in Group D, entered the game as the favorite after an impressive group stage performance.

Goalkeeper Expulsion Sets the Tone

The game took an unexpected turn when Angola’s goalkeeper, Neblú, received a red card in the 17th minute for a foul committed outside the eighteen-yard box.

Many anticipated this setback would favor Namibia, one of the best third-placed teams to reach the knockout stage.

Angola Takes Control

Contrary to expectations, Angola seized control of the game and managed to open the scoring in the 38th minute through Gelson’s strike.

The same player extended the lead with another goal just four minutes later.

The match dynamics changed as Namibia’s Lubeni Haukongo received a red card in the 40th minute, evening out the playing field.

Half-Time Tally: Angola 2-0 Namibia

The first half concluded with a 2-0 lead for Angola, setting the stage for a challenging second half with both teams down to ten players each.

Despite the numerical parity, Angola dominated possession and maintained their advantage.

Mabululu Seals the Win

In the 66th minute, Mabululu scored, sealing Angola’s victory with a convincing 3-0 win. This triumph propels Angola into the quarter-finals of AFCON 2023.

Quarter-Final Showdown Awaits Angola

With the 3-0 win over Namibia, Angola now eagerly anticipates the quarter-finals where they will face the winner of the match between Nigeria and Cameroon on February 2, 2024.

The impressive performance against Namibia positions Angola as a formidable contender in the ongoing AFCON tournament.