Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Faces Potential Removal as ANC-EFF Coalition Seeks Motion of No Confidence

Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Faces Potential Removal as ANC-EFF Coalition Seeks Motion of No Confidence

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. The Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Retief Odendaal, may face removal from office as the ANC-EFF coalition in the metro has presented a motion of no confidence.


The motion is scheduled to be heard on May 26th.

ANC-EFF Coalition Aims to Oust Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor:

The motion of no confidence against Mayor Retief Odendaal is supported by the ANC, EFF, and Patriotic Alliance (PA).

According to reports by News24, a smaller party that initially supported Odendaal seems to have changed alliances.

This coalition’s move to remove the mayor is reminiscent of the situation in hung Gauteng metros, where mayors from smaller parties are often replaced.

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DA Supports Odendaal:

In response to the impending ousting, the Democratic Alliance (DA) is organizing a rally called #HandsOffMayorRetiefOdendaal at Vuyisile Mini Square in Gqeberha on May 20th.

Mayor Odendaal will lead the rally, and Helen Zille, the DA Federal Council Chairperson, is expected to attend as well.


Blue Party Denounces Motion of No Confidence:

The Blue Party, in a statement, dismissed the motion of no confidence as frivolous and accused its proponents of attempting to gain control of the city’s resources through looting and theft.

They view this motion as a desperate final attempt to seize control of the city’s coffers.

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The Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor, Retief Odendaal, faces the possibility of being removed from office if the motion of no confidence put forward by the ANC-EFF coalition is successful.

The Democratic Alliance is supporting Odendaal and organizing a rally to demonstrate their backing.

The situation is intensifying as various political forces vie for control over the city’s governance and resources.


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