Navigating Love at 44: Advice for a Woman Starting a Relationship as a Virgin

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Advice for a Woman Starting a New Relationship as a Virgin at 44


A 44-year-old woman has sought advice after entering a new relationship and feeling anxious about her partner’s reaction to her being a virgin at her age.

She turned to Agony Aunt Fiona Caine for guidance on how to navigate this situation.

The Woman’s Dilemma: In her letter to Fiona Caine, the woman expressed her embarrassment about still being a virgin at 44.


She explained that her focus had been on caring for her ill mother and building her career, leaving little room for a love life.

Now that she has met someone who brings her happiness, she worries that revealing her virginity might make her partner view her as strange.

She asked if there was anything she could do to appear more experienced.

Fiona’s Response: Fiona Caine advised against starting the relationship with deception and pretending to be someone she is not.

She emphasized the importance of honesty as a foundation for a trusting relationship.


Fiona suggested that the woman be open with her partner about her lack of experience, as he would likely appreciate her honesty and be supportive.

Practically, Fiona recommended the use of lubricants to make the first sexual experience more comfortable.

She also encouraged the woman to consult her GP if she experiences any discomfort during intercourse.

Furthermore, Fiona reminded the woman that her value in a relationship extends beyond sexual experience.

Not everyone loses their virginity in their teens or twenties, and that is perfectly acceptable. The woman should remember that she has many other qualities to offer a partner.


Conclusion: This woman’s concern about revealing her virginity to her new partner is understandable, considering societal expectations and the pressure to conform to certain norms.

However, Fiona Caine offers valuable advice by emphasizing the importance of honesty and communication in building a healthy relationship.

It is essential for both partners to understand and accept each other’s experiences and backgrounds.

The woman should feel confident in sharing her truth and trust that her partner will appreciate her for who she is beyond her sexual history.


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