Forget Connections, Get a Shovel! Oshiomole’s Tough Love Advice for Navigating Nigeria’s New Oil Game

Tinubu Ends Overnight Billionaires, Oshiomole Declares at Tank Farm Launch

Subsidy Removal Levels Playing Field, Creates Jobs, Senator Says

Former Edo State Governor, Senator Adams Oshiomole, has hailed President Bola Tinubu’s removal of the petrol subsidy as a necessary step to end the era of “overnight billionaires” in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

Speaking at the commissioning of a tank farm owned by APC chieftain Chief Ayirimi Emami in Delta State, Oshiomole declared: “The system where connections and not hard work guaranteed wealth is over.

Under President Tinubu, it’s work or perish, a level playing field for all.”

From Shady Deals to Sweat and Hustle: A New Economic Landscape

Oshiomole commended Emami’s investment, calling it a beacon of hope amidst the subsidy removal.

He pointed to the facility’s job creation potential, emphasizing that the new economic reality demands hustle, not handouts.

“This tank farm, built in a swamp, exemplifies the courage and foresight needed to thrive in these times,” Oshiomole stated.

“Instead of complaining about lack of opportunity, turn obstacles into stepping stones, like Emami has done.”

Learning from Foreign Investors: Embracing Challenges, Seizing Opportunities

Addressing the issue of foreign businesses flourishing in Nigeria, Oshiomole challenged Nigerians to adopt a proactive approach.

“Why do foreigners see opportunities we miss?” he asked.

“Let’s stop crying and start seizing! Nigerians have the talent and drive to excel; let’s channel them into building our own success stories.”

A Message of Hope and Transformation

Senator Oshiomole’s remarks offer a glimpse into the potential economic shifts triggered by the subsidy removal.

While acknowledging the challenges, he highlights the opportunities for those willing to adapt and embrace hard work.

By encouraging Nigerians to seize the initiative and turn obstacles into opportunities, Oshiomole presents a message of hope and transformation for the future of the Nigerian economy.

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