Namibia’s Visa-Free Travel Status Revoked by the United Kingdom

Namibia’s Visa-Free Travel Status Revoked by the United Kingdom

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media. Namibia, a neighboring country of South Africa, has recently encountered the same fate as its neighbor concerning entry restrictions imposed by the United Kingdom.


The Secretary of State for the Home Department, Suella Braverman, announced on July 19th that Namibia, along with four other nations, has lost its visa-free travel status for entry into the UK.

Affected Countries:

Effective immediately, the United Kingdom has imposed a visa requirement on visitors from five nations, including Namibia.

The removal of visa-free entry applies to Dominica, Honduras, Namibia, Timor-Leste, and Vanuatu.


End of Visa-Free Regime:

As a consequence of this decision, passport holders from Namibia will no longer enjoy the convenience of easy entry arrangements for travel to the United Kingdom.

They will now be required to obtain visas prior to their journey, specifically for tourism and visitor stays.

Additionally, Namibian nationals intending to transit through the UK on connecting flights to another country must also obtain a Direct Airside Transit Visa.

Increasing Asylum Seekers:

One of the factors contributing to the change in visa policy is the significant increase in asylum applications made by nationals from Honduras and Namibia.

It has been observed that a growing number of visitors from these two nations have misused the provision for limited non-visa entry to the UK in order to claim asylum.


Security Risks:

The statement by the Secretary of State highlights the security risks associated with the Citizenship by Investment scheme operated by Dominica and Vanuatu.

The abuse of this scheme, including the granting of citizenship to individuals known to pose a risk to the UK, has become evident.

Historical Precedent:

This is not the first time that South Africa has lost its visa-free travel privileges with the United Kingdom.

In 2009, the UK imposed visa requirements on South African passport holders due to concerns over inadequate passport security measures.

The UK cited fraudulent South African passports as posing safety and security threats.



Namibia now faces similar entry restrictions as South Africa, with the United Kingdom revoking its visa-free travel status.

The decision requires Namibian passport holders to obtain visas for travel to the UK, impacting both tourism and transit purposes.

The increased number of asylum seekers and concerns over security risks associated with certain citizenship schemes have contributed to the UK’s decision.

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