Nigeria’s Currency War: CBN Targets Hoarders and Speculators Affecting Naira Stability

CBN’s Pledge to Combat Currency Hoarding: Targeting Speculators from the Previous Administration

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has declared its commitment to pursue currency hoarders and speculators who allegedly thrived during the last administration, contributing to the depreciation of the naira against major foreign currencies.

These politically exposed persons are now reportedly resisting the government’s efforts to rectify the situation.

Boost in Naira’s Value: Government’s Recent Success and Market Reactions

In the last two weeks, the government’s initiatives to curb the depreciation of the naira yielded positive results, leading to a significant appreciation.

While many Nigerians celebrated the strengthened naira, speculators and hoarders faced losses. However, a recent depreciation sparked concerns, prompting the government and the CBN to attribute the fluctuation to artificial influences from speculation and hoarding.

Government’s Accusations: Sabotage by Speculators and Hoarders

Sources within the CBN claim that speculators and hoarders, including powerful individuals, are actively undermining the government’s efforts to stabilize the naira against the dollar.

The recent pushback is perceived as an attempt to erode the gains achieved during the period of naira appreciation.

The government plans to take decisive action against these entities to protect its currency.

CBN’s Campaign Against Speculators: A Drastic Response to Preserve Naira Gains

The CBN is reportedly gearing up to launch a comprehensive campaign against speculators and hoarders.

The intelligence gathered suggests that the depreciation is a result of resistance from these powerful entities. The central bank aims to address this challenge decisively to prevent the erosion of recent gains made against the naira.

Association’s Warning: CBN Prepared to Inflict Pain on Currency Speculators

Aminu Gwadabe, the President of the Association of Bureau de Change Operators of Nigeria (ABCON), issued a warning, indicating that the CBN is poised to inflict pain on currency speculators.

He attributes the recent positive developments in the market to the CBN’s strategic measures involving dollar liquidity injection and naira mopping through interest rate hikes.

Caution in Currency Attacks: CBN’s Arsenal and Success Logic

Gwadabe urges caution among those attempting to attack the naira, suggesting that the CBN possesses the necessary arsenal and strategic logic to ensure continued success.

The recent risks associated with speculation, hoarding, and substituting naira for other currencies highlight the effectiveness of the CBN’s measures.

Looking Ahead: CBN’s Continued Efforts to Safeguard Naira Stability

As the government and the CBN intensify their efforts against currency hoarders and speculators, the market remains on edge.

The unfolding developments underscore the challenges and risks associated with currency stability in Nigeria. The government’s determination to preserve recent successes signals a dynamic phase in the ongoing battle to secure the stability of the naira.**

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