Mystery Deepens as Sarah Vine and Andrew Pierce Discuss Abandoned Newborns on The Reaction Podcast

Mystery Deepens as Sarah Vine and Andrew Pierce Discuss Abandoned Newborns on The Reaction Podcast

In a recent episode of The Reaction podcast, hosts Sarah Vine and Andrew Pierce tackled one of the most unsettling stories to emerge from London in recent years.

The pair discussed the mysterious case of three newborns abandoned in shopping bags in various parks over a span of seven years.

These children, who have been confirmed as full siblings, were left to be discovered by strangers, prompting a deep dive into the possible circumstances surrounding their abandonment.

Uncovering the Mystery

The Family Court recently confirmed that the three children, all siblings, would be reunited in the future. Two of the children have been adopted, and one is currently in foster care.

The shocking nature of this case has sparked numerous theories and much speculation about the mother’s situation.

Sarah Vine expressed her concern, stating that there was something “really sinister going on.” She and Andrew Pierce pondered what kind of dire circumstances could lead a mother to abandon her children in such a manner.

Sinister Theories

During their discussion, Vine and Pierce explored several disturbing possibilities. One theory suggested by Vine was that the mother might be trying to protect her children from someone who was abusing her.

Pierce questioned whether the situation could be similar to the infamous Josef Fritzl case. Fritzl, an Austrian man, held his daughter captive for 24 years, during which he repeatedly raped her and fathered seven children.

The hosts speculated whether the mother in this case could be in a similarly coercive or abusive relationship.

Potential Coercion and Enslavement

Pierce also considered the possibility that the mother might be in some form of enslavement or a highly coercive relationship, leading her to abandon her children at the first opportunity.

He noted that instead of opting for adoption, the mother chose to leave her babies in public parks, which suggests a level of desperation and urgency.

He added that someone must know the mother’s circumstances, or she could be imprisoned in a scenario akin to Fritzl’s.

Public Interest and Mental Health Concerns

The judge overseeing this case, Judge Carol Atkinson, emphasized the importance of public awareness in such matters.

She highlighted that it is rare for babies to be abandoned in modern Britain, let alone three by the same parents over several years.

This pattern raises significant questions about the mother’s mental health and the circumstances leading to these repeated abandonments.

The Search for the Parents

DNA tests revealed that the latest abandoned child, nicknamed Elsa by hospital staff, is a full sibling to baby Harry, found in Plaistow in 2017, and baby Roman, found in Newham in 2019.

The police are actively searching for the parents, believing that a woman seen near the area where Elsa was discovered might have critical information.

This woman was described as wearing a large, dark coat and a light-colored scarf or hood, carrying a rucksack.

Police Appeal

Chief Superintendent Simon Crick urged the mother to come forward, expressing concern for her welfare. He emphasized that the mother likely endured a traumatic experience and needed immediate medical attention.

Crick assured the mother that her daughter is well cared for and encouraged her to seek help, either by contacting the police or visiting a hospital.


The unsettling case of the abandoned siblings has sparked widespread concern and numerous theories. As Sarah Vine and Andrew Pierce discussed on The Reaction podcast, the circumstances surrounding these abandonments suggest a deeply troubling situation.

The public and authorities alike are eager for answers, hoping that the mother will come forward and receive the support she needs.

Meanwhile, the case remains a poignant reminder of the hidden struggles that can occur even in the heart of a bustling city like London.

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