Massive Queues at Birmingham Airport Amid Confusion Over New Liquid Rules and 3D Scanners

Massive Queues at Birmingham Airport Amid Confusion Over New Liquid Rules and 3D Scanners

Birmingham Airport has been experiencing significant delays today as passengers grapple with new security protocols involving updated 100ml liquid rules and the introduction of 3D baggage scanners.

These changes, intended to streamline the security process, have instead resulted in long queues and widespread confusion among travelers.

New Security Measures

The airport recently installed new 3D scanners, meeting a government deadline to upgrade security technology.

These scanners allow passengers to carry liquids up to two liters in their hand luggage, a substantial increase from the previous 100ml limit. However, Birmingham Airport has decided to keep the old 100ml rules in place temporarily, permitting these liquids to remain in hand luggage rather than being screened separately.

This combination of old and new rules has led to considerable misunderstanding and frustration among passengers.

Passenger Reactions

One traveler shared his frustration on social media, stating he barely made it to his gate on time after pleading to skip the queue.

He described the security process as “an absolute shambles,” citing the longest security line he had ever seen in his 49 years. This sentiment was echoed by many others, who faced hours-long waits and feared missing their flights due to the delays.

Understanding the New Rules

Under the current regulations, passengers can only carry liquids in containers of up to 100ml in their hand luggage.

However, select airports, including Birmingham, have introduced new 3D technology that allows for enhanced screening.

This means travelers can leave liquids, laptops, and other electronics inside their baggage when passing through security, potentially speeding up the process. Despite this, the confusion at Birmingham Airport has resulted in significant delays.

Airport’s Response

Birmingham Airport acknowledged the delays, attributing them to the ongoing building works and the transitional period of integrating the new security technology.

In a statement, the airport explained that the new equipment will eventually allow liquids of up to two liters to be carried in hand luggage, but some restrictions remain temporarily.

The airport assured passengers that the queues, though long, were moving steadily and that staff were working hard to manage the situation.

Impact on Travelers

Images of massive queues snaking outside the airport doors have circulated widely, with anxious holidaymakers describing the scene as chaotic. Some travelers reported arriving hours before their flights, only to face significant delays at security.

The airport’s new £60 million security hall, designed to handle the increased passenger flow and new security protocols, is still undergoing final adjustments and awaiting full regulatory approval.

Recent Security Incidents

The current situation at Birmingham Airport follows a series of recent security-related disruptions at UK airports.

Last month, a major incident involving e-gates left passengers stranded for hours due to a Wi-Fi outage that affected Border Force’s security database. This incident highlighted the need for robust backup plans to prevent similar issues in the future.

Future Improvements

Birmingham Airport is one of the few UK airports that met the government’s deadline for the new 3D scanner installation.

Despite the initial teething problems, the airport remains optimistic that these upgrades will ultimately enhance the passenger experience.

Once fully operational, the new scanners are expected to reduce waiting times significantly by allowing passengers to keep liquids and electronics in their hand luggage.


The introduction of new 3D scanners and updated liquid rules at Birmingham Airport has caused significant delays and confusion among passengers.

While these changes are aimed at improving security and efficiency in the long run, the transitional period has been challenging.

The airport is working to resolve these issues and ensure a smoother experience for travelers in the future.

In the meantime, passengers are advised to check the latest regulations and arrive early to allow extra time for security checks.

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