Nonbinary Teen Nex Benedict Beaten to Death in Oklahoma School Bathroom

Nonbinary Teen Nex Benedict Beaten to Death in Oklahoma School Bathroom

In a devastating turn of events, nonbinary teenager Nex Benedict faced a brutal and ultimately fatal attack by classmates within the Owasso School District in Oklahoma.

The incident occurred in a school bathroom, shedding light on the concerning issue of violence within educational institutions.

Eyewitness Account: Assault Details Emerge

According to eyewitness accounts, three older girls were involved in beating Nex Benedict in the school bathroom.

The violence escalated to a point where one of the assailants repeatedly slammed Nex’s head against the floor.

A teacher intervened and broke up the assault, but the aftermath revealed the severity of the injuries sustained by Nex.

Questionable Response: School Staff’s Handling of the Situation

Surprisingly, despite the severity of the assault, school staff did not immediately call for medical assistance.

Nex Benedict, unable to walk to the nurses’ station independently, was later brought to the hospital by their grandmother, who they primarily lived with.

Nex was initially released on the same day but tragically passed away upon returning to the hospital the following day.

Police Investigation: Unraveling the Tragedy

Local police are currently conducting an investigation into the incident, which has sent shockwaves through the community.

The victim’s identity has not been officially disclosed, and several crucial details, including the number of students involved and the motive behind the assault, remain unknown.

Potential Link to LGBTQ+ Culture War: Chaya Raichik’s Influence

There are indications that the assault might be linked to an anti-LGBTQ+ culture war sparked by Chaya Raichik, who has been known for her online activities targeting LGBTQ+ individuals.

Raichik’s social media posts, which ridicule drag performers, LGBTQ teachers, and doctors treating transgender patients, have allegedly incited threats and harassment.

Oklahoma’s Anti-LGBTQ+ Stance: Walters’ Influence on Education Policies

Oklahoma, under the leadership of individuals like Chaya Raichik and Attorney General Gentner Drummond, has been aggressively pushing anti-LGBTQ+ agendas.

This includes attempts to ban books and education on LGBTQ+ issues in schools, leading to heightened tensions and bomb threats against educational institutions.

The tragic incident involving Nex Benedict raises concerns about the consequences of such culture wars and the safety of marginalized communities within the state’s educational system.

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