Video Shows UFO Allegedly Disabling Nuclear Warhead, Former Military Officials Claim

Video Shows UFO Allegedly Disabling Nuclear Warhead, Former Military Officials Claim

UFO Intervention in 1964:

Former military officials reveal the existence of a video capturing a UFO disabling a nuclear warhead during a routine test in 1964.

Retired US Air Force officers Lieutenant Bob Jacobs and Major Florenze Mansmann assert that the saucer-shaped craft circled the unarmed warhead, shooting beams of light that disabled it.

The video, part of a pattern of UFO interference with nuclear weapons, was reportedly confiscated by CIA agents, leading to decades of secrecy.

Missing Tape and Whistleblower Confirmation:

Lieutenant Jacobs and Major Mansmann claim to have viewed the footage before it went missing.

The tape’s disappearance has been acknowledged by Luis Elizondo, former director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

Elizondo has confirmed the details of the event, but the video’s location remains unknown, raising questions about its authenticity and potential suppression.

Encounter Details and Craft Description:

The alleged encounter occurred during a missile test launch in California, with Jacobs in charge of a military photography site.

The craft, described as domed and disc-shaped, emitted beams of light that disabled the warhead.

The incident, initially dismissed by skeptics, gained credibility when Elizondo confirmed its details in an internal interview.

The craft’s appearance matched eyewitness descriptions, adding weight to the claims.

Harassment and Suppression:

Despite being instructed to keep the encounter confidential, Jacobs spoke about it in 1982, facing skepticism, harassment, and anonymous threats.

The recent revelation aligns with Elizondo’s recollection of the video, but attempts to locate the recording proved futile.

The missing video has prompted speculation about potential Pentagon cover-ups and the destruction of Elizondo’s files in 2017, violating a legal Preservation Order.

Radar Data and Limited Evidence:

Declassified but unreleased radar data from the 1964 event reportedly confirms the presence of an unidentified aerial object near the warhead during the missile test.

The radar analysis suggested the object might be debris or metallic objects like ‘chaff.’ The incident’s Top Secret status complicates the verification process, leaving room for interpretation regarding the nature of the tracked object.


Decades after the alleged UFO interference, the missing video raises questions about the extent of government secrecy and potential suppression of evidence related to unidentified aerial phenomena.

The accounts of former military officials and whistleblower confirmation contribute to the ongoing debate surrounding UFO encounters and their implications on national security.

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