MUDAVADI and WETANGULA will regret joining RUTO as UDA now perceives the 2 sons of Mulembe as useless fellows – See what UDA’s Iron Lady ALICE WAHOME said

Friday, February 4, 2022 – Deputy President William Ruto may be having second thoughts about his newly formed partnership with ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi and his Ford Kenya counterpart, Moses Wetangula.
This is after it emerged that Ruto’s UDA Party perceives Mudavadi and Wetangula as useless fellows who cannot add any value to Ruto as far as the State House bid is concerned.
According to Ruto’s ally and UDA Iron Lady Alice Wahome, the DP will beat ODM Leader Raila Odinga with a landslide with or without Mudavadi and Wetangula in August 9 General Election.
Speaking during an interview, Wahome, who is the current Kandara MP, noted that Ruto does not need the two sons of Mulembe to beat Raila for President in August because he has the numbers to make it all by himself.
“Tanga Tanga political wing will easily win with or without the support of Mudavadi and Wetang’ula because they have a coalition with the Kenyans,” Wahome said.
“We are planning to win the 2022 presidential election in the first round with or without partners.”
“Our first coalition partners and that’s why people misunderstood what we are talking about. William Ruto has gone to Kenyans and he has other partners who have come on board,” she said.
At the same time, Wahome revealed that the former One Kenya Alliance (OKA) co-principals joined William Ruto because they were being mistreated in their previous camps.
“They will wait for the collapse of this union, it will not happen. These people are very inconsiderate, they mistreated Musalia Mudavadi and Ford Kenya,” she added

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