Idaho Town Evacuates After Gas Line Explosion Injures at Least One

Idaho Town Evacuates After Gas Line Explosion

In a sudden and alarming incident, an Idaho town with a population of about 10,000 was evacuated following a gas line explosion that occurred at a nearby intersection.

The explosion resulted in at least one injury, raising immediate concerns for residents and authorities alike.

Initial Evacuation Order

Local authorities ordered evacuations for a significant portion of Middleton as a precautionary measure.

At the initial stages of the event, it was unclear whether any injuries were associated with the explosion. Canyon County Sheriff’s spokesperson, Joe Decker, confirmed that residents within a 4-mile radius of the blast, including the town’s residents, were instructed to evacuate.

Authorities also temporarily diverted motorists away from the affected area in response to the unfolding situation.

Gas Line Shutdown and Shelter-in-Place

The evacuation order was subsequently lifted once it was confirmed that the gas line had been successfully shut off, bringing a sense of relief to the community.

Residents were then directed to “shelter in place” as safety measures were enacted. It was later revealed that the explosion was caused by a pipeline worker who accidentally dug through a 22-inch natural gas line while operating an excavator.

This revelation significantly altered the narrative of the incident.

Pipeline Worker’s Minor Injuries

Following the initial explosion, the worker responsible for the accident was transported to a local hospital. Fortunately, the injuries sustained by the worker were classified as “minor,” according to a spokesperson from the Middleton Star Fire District.

As the incident unfolded, the Oklahoma-based gas company, Williams Pipeline, which owns the gas line, took control of the investigation.

Impact on Local Schools

The explosion’s impact extended to nearby educational institutions. Several elementary schools in the area were located near the blast site, but they were not evacuated. Instead, students were instructed to remain indoors despite being within the vicinity of the explosion.

Heights and Mill Creek elementary schools, responsible for the education of approximately 1,200 young students, ensured that the students were safe once the evacuation order was lifted.

Both schools proceeded with their regular activities, including lunch and classes.

Real-Time Updates and Evacuation Efforts

Emergency services operating in the area maintained active communication with the schools to ensure the safety of the children.

Updates on their condition were provided in real-time to concerned parents and the community at large.

While the explosion raised concerns about potential injuries, as of the mid-afternoon, there was no official confirmation of any injuries associated with the incident.

Highway Closure and Subsequent Reopening

The impact of the gas line explosion extended to one of the most trafficked roads in the region, Idaho 44. The highway remained closed well into the early afternoon due to the emergency.

Fortunately, just after 2:00 pm, law enforcement in Canyon County confirmed that the crisis had been resolved, and residents were no longer required to shelter in place.

The authorities declared that all evacuation orders had been lifted, and police and fire units had concluded their operations in the area.

Williams Pipeline’s Role and Gas Pressure

Williams Pipeline, a Fortune 500 company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, owns the gas transmission line that experienced the explosion.

According to the company, the line was operating at approximately 750 pounds per square inch of pressure, which contributed to the significant impact felt across a considerable distance.

Acknowledgements and Coordination

Law enforcement agencies expressed gratitude for the support provided by neighboring agencies in responding to the incident and facilitating the evacuation.

The coordinated efforts of fire and police departments, the school district, and gas entities helped ensure the safety and well-being of residents and students.

Middleton School District Superintendent, Marc Gee, reassured parents and the community, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing safety.

Ongoing Investigation and Contacting Williams Pipeline

At the time of reporting, an investigation was underway to determine the exact cause of the gas line explosion. reached out to Williams Pipeline for further information and updates on the situation.

The incident in Middleton, Idaho, serves as a reminder of the importance of safety protocols in handling gas lines and the collective efforts to protect the community during emergencies.

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