Mondli Gungubele says South Africa’s Parliament is always secure although it was burned down just weeks ago

Mondli Gungubele seemed to forget that he wasn’t in Parliament for this year’s State of the Nation Address because the National Assembly burned down less than six weeks before.

What’s more amusing is that last month, Minister Gungubele was given the job of directing the State Security Agency, integrating this new role with his presidency.

If that means he’s taking home two pay cheques, then power to him. But the ANC veteran might want to flick the news on every once in a while – he might just end up remembering why SONA 2022 is being held at a different venue.

While Gungubele, who was involved in a hostage drama in October, assumes his new position, the Deputy Minister in the Presidency – Zizi Kodwa – will continue to serve in his current role.