Video Captures Vandal Cutting Down Hated ULEZ Camera in London with Angle Grinder

Video Captures Vandal Cutting Down Hated ULEZ Camera in London with Angle Grinder

Shocking Footage Captures ‘Blade Runner’ in Action

In a recent surge of vandalism targeting London’s ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) cameras, a daring ‘blade runner’ was caught on video using an angle grinder to cut down one of the controversial enforcement cameras.

Metropolitan Police Responds to Vandalism Reports

Reports of traffic lights and cameras being damaged across Orpington in the south-east of London prompted the Met Police to investigate. Photos of downed traffic light poles, seemingly with ULEZ cameras, surfaced after an incident in Petts Wood, Orpington.

Coordinated Attacks in South-East London

This incident follows a series of similar attacks, with the Met Police investigating ‘blade runners’ cutting down traffic lights just three miles away in Chislehurst.

The recent incident in Petts Wood adds to the growing list of coordinated acts of vandalism.

Anonymous ‘Blade Runner’ Strikes Again

Video footage captured the latest act of vandalism, showing an anonymous individual, likely associated with the activism group Blade Runners, using an angle grinder to bring down a ULEZ camera pole.

Bold Vandalism Unfazed by Passing Traffic

Filmed under the cover of darkness, the video depicts the bold ‘blade runner’ cutting through the pole, causing it to crash to the ground.

The vandal, dressed in all black with a hood and mask, walks away nonchalantly from the scene.

Social Media Praise and ‘Blade Runners’ Movement

The video was shared on social media, with users praising the actions of the ‘blade runner.’

The ‘Blade Runners’ have been vocal opponents of the ULEZ policy, targeting cameras using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to enforce charges.

TfL Responds to Vandalism and Threats

Transport for London (TfL) condemns the vandalism, emphasizing the legal consequences and risks to public safety. TfL stresses that vandalized cameras are repaired or replaced promptly, and the ULEZ scheme continues to operate London-wide.

Rampant ‘Blade Runners’ Activity and Countermeasures

The ‘Blade Runners’ group, estimated to have around 250 active members, vows to escalate their actions against ULEZ cameras. They claim to have exciting plans to disrupt the expanded ULEZ scheme and express their determination to continue until the policy is scrapped.

Controversy Surrounding ULEZ Guards

In response to the ‘Blade Runners’ threats, Sadiq Khan reportedly hired security guards to protect ULEZ cameras.

Residents express concerns about the behavior of these guards, describing them as ‘thuggish’ and causing fear in the community.

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