False Alarm Call Leads to Handcuffs for Middle Schooler

False Alarm Call Leads to Handcuffs for Middle Schooler

The Incident Unfolds

11-year-old Aaliyah Zarante found herself in a baffling situation after being taken into police custody due to a traced false 911 call from her phone.

The incident, revolving around a fire alarm hoax at Crosby Middle School in Texas, led officers to arrest Aaliyah, citing the call’s origin from her cellphone.

The Claim of Innocence

Despite being handcuffed and transported to a juvenile processing center, Aaliyah vehemently maintains her innocence. She insists that another student seized her phone and made the fraudulent emergency call without her knowledge, leaving her in a bewildering situation that ended with her held at the facility.

Outrage and Questions

Aaliyah’s parents, Vanessa Zarate and her father, express shock and dismay at the handling of the situation.

They question the severity of the measures taken against their daughter, emphasizing her age and non-threatening nature. Vanessa Zarate voices concern about preventing similar incidents involving young children in the future.

Handling of the Situation

Criticism surrounds the lack of communication and transparency in handling Aaliyah’s case. The family expresses frustration over the absence of information or formal documentation from the school or authorities regarding the incident and its aftermath.

The investigation remains ongoing as law enforcement reviews school surveillance footage and gathers statements from other students to determine the appropriate course of action.

Policy and Procedure

Authorities defend their actions, citing protocol adherence due to Aaliyah’s age, which necessitated her arrest and handcuffing despite the ongoing investigation and absence of formal charges.

Seeking Resolution

As the investigation continues, Aaliyah’s family hopes for a fair and transparent resolution to the incident, seeking clarity and accountability while aiming to prevent similar scenarios involving young children.

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