Nigerian TikToker Chef Temmie’s Viral Pot Drop Sparks Heated Debate

Nigerian TikToker Chef Temmie’s Viral Pot Drop Sparks Heated Debate

A Nigerian TikToker known as Chef Temmie has caused a stir on the internet with a viral video in which she dramatically poured a large pot of food while recording a TikTok video.

Video Causes Buzz and Sparks Debate

The video, which caused a buzz online, has sparked a heated debate among internet users, with many questioning whether the mishap was an accident or a carefully orchestrated stunt.

Video Narrative Takes a Surprising Turn

In the short video, Chef Temmie is seen setting up a large pot on a gas cooker, appearing to prepare a meal.

However, the narrative takes a surprising turn as the pot suddenly crashes to the ground, spilling its contents, leaving Temmie scrambling to salvage the remaining food.

Video Garners Over 467,000 Views and Ignites Storm of Comments

The video, which garnered over 467,000 views, ignited a storm of comments and reactions from users across TikTok.

While some viewers were quick to suggest that Chef Temmie may have intentionally tampered with the gas cooker to cause the dramatic pot drop, others initially accepted the mishap narrative presented in the video.

Netizens Split into Two Camps

The controversy has since split Netizens into two camps: those who believe Chef Temmie’s actions were calculated and those who think it was an accidental mishap.

Netizens Reactions

Some of the reactions from Netizens include:

  • @julietobodo330: “My sister that gas no like that first one wetin happen.”
  • @Amanda Chizzy448: “You borrow another cylinder??? how u use that small cylinder cook half bag of rice?”
  • @Goodness Mbah: “Ahhh thank God it wasn’t much.”
  • @Baby♾️Mama: “Place the gas on a flat wood to avoid slipping please.”
  • @DAT2COUNTRYBOI: “You fit save Nigeria poverty right now ooo but why the gas come change.”
  • @Twin queen: “Editing and continuity manager should be fired. Two different cylinders lol.”
  • @~~~VEE: “Omo na God say nor be stew or soup ooo sorry hope you nor get injury.”
  • @ZEFYUOR7: “She dey cook garri ni abi na took much drinking of garri dey worry me.”


The debate over Chef Temmie’s TikTok pot drop continues to rage on, with no clear consensus on whether it was an accident or a stunt. However, one thing is for sure: the video has certainly made its mark on the internet.

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