Lee Clarke, Alleged Killer, Apprehended After Disposing of Remains in Harlow Ponds

Lee Clarke, aged 56, has been taken into custody by Essex Police under suspicion of murder, accused of discarding human remains in ponds within the Harlow area.

The arrest unfolded as officers confronted Clarke, described as both a ‘killer and a coward,’ after an organized search.

Arrest Caught on Camera:

Essex Police released footage capturing the arrest, portraying a dazed and confused Clarke. The video shows him moving items from his property just hours before law enforcement intervened.

Blood Marks and Power Tools:

Upon executing a warrant at Clarke’s residence in Wedhey, Harlow, police discovered multiple power tools and blood marks throughout the property. These findings triggered a murder investigation.

Discovery at Oakwood Pond:

The police initiated the murder investigation following the discovery of a suspicious item at Oakwood Pond in Harlow by a vigilant member of the public. Forensic tests confirmed the item as human remains.

Identification and Timeline:

Forensic officers quickly identified the victim through DNA matching as 59-year-old Phillip Lewis, known locally as Scottish Phil. The investigation established that Lewis went missing on November 12, 2022.

Extensive Search and Additional Remains:

Specialist units, including the Police Search Advisors and the Marine Unit, conducted searches of multiple ponds in Harlow, leading to the recovery of additional human remains belonging to Mr. Lewis.

Trial and Conviction:

Lee Clarke’s trial commenced on February 7 at Chelmsford Crown Court, lasting four weeks. Despite Clarke’s attempt to explain away blood in his flat, the jury unanimously found him guilty of murder on March 8.

Sentencing Awaited:

Clarke is scheduled to appear at Chelmsford Crown Court on March 12 for sentencing. Detective Superintendent Rob Kirby expressed that Clarke’s refusal to disclose details has added to the suffering of Phil’s family.

Community Support Acknowledged:

Detective Superintendent Rob Kirby also praised the Harlow community for their patience and compassion during the investigation, emphasizing that community support played a crucial role in achieving this result.

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