Wunmi, Wife of Late Musician Mohbad, Reveals Placenta Dispute with Father-in-Law

Wunmi’s Revelation on Placenta Dispute

In a surprising revelation, Wunmi, the wife of the late musician Mohbad, has shed light on a family conflict surrounding her son, Liam’s placenta.

This dispute has come to the forefront amid accusations against her in relation to her husband’s death.

Wunmi’s Appearance in Court

Recent reports indicate that Wunmi appeared in court to provide her perspective on the situation, as she has faced allegations regarding her husband’s demise. This legal appearance allowed her to share her side of the story.

A Previously Amicable Relationship

Wunmi disclosed that her relationship with her father-in-law had been harmonious until the birth of her son, Liam. Prior to this, she had a positive and close connection with him.

Demand for Liam’s Placenta

The crux of the issue revolved around the placenta of Liam, her son. Wunmi revealed that her father-in-law demanded the placenta after Liam’s birth.

However, both she and her husband, Mohbad, chose not to release it to him, leading to a significant disagreement.

The Placenta’s Impact on Their Relationship

Wunmi explained that this disagreement over the placenta escalated into a source of tension between her and her father-in-law. The fallout from this dispute resulted in her father-in-law’s growing resentment towards her.

Unraveling the Controversy

Wunmi’s disclosure about the placenta dispute has provided insight into the complexities of family dynamics and the events leading up to her husband’s passing.

The controversy surrounding this situation has raised questions about its significance in the broader context of the ongoing investigations.

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