Model Receives Suspended Jail Sentence in Beach Hut Feud

A Suspended Jail Sentence for Model in ‘Glamorous’ Beach Hut Dispute

Michele Spicer, a 60-year-old model, faced legal consequences for her involvement in a contentious dispute over her beach hut in Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex.

The conflict began when residents reported her for “antisocial behavior,” which included careless parking and loud music from her Mercedes sports car.

Spicer believed that her glamorous looks and car had made her a target for resentment, and she started a “revenge campaign” against a specific neighbor.

The Revenge Campaign and Legal Action

Spicer’s “revenge campaign” against her neighbor, who had been driven to change jobs and avoid being seen in public, escalated to verbal abuse, pestering behavior, intimidation, and invasive recording without consent.

The neighbor filed numerous complaints with the police, resulting in two community protection orders issued against Spicer.

Despite the police action and an injunction, Spicer continued to harass her neighbor, leading to a contempt of court charge.

Legal Consequences

In court, Judge Richard Pearce found Spicer in contempt of court for violating the injunction.

He handed her a 24-week jail sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered her to pay her neighbor’s legal costs, totaling approximately £53,000.

The judge considered Spicer’s actions as causing significant distress to her victim, who was forced to change jobs, relocate, and even disguise herself while shopping.

Spicer’s Defense and the Judge’s Decision

During the legal proceedings, Spicer admitted to posting abusive content on her Instagram account but expressed remorse for her actions.

The judge acknowledged her fragile mental health but emphasized that her victim had appropriately sought to challenge Spicer’s antisocial behavior.

He recognized the devastating impact of losing her beach hut, which led to the revenge campaign.


The case highlights the consequences of engaging in harassment and revenge campaigns, even in disputes that may seem trivial at first.

Despite Spicer’s remorse, her actions had severe repercussions for her neighbor, demonstrating the need for civil behavior and respect for others in a community.

The legal system intervened to protect the victim and uphold the rule of law, emphasizing the importance of adhering to court orders and resolving disputes through proper channels.

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