Record-Breaking Sale: Missing Star Wars X-Wing Prop Fetches $3.13 Million

Record-Breaking Sale: Missing Star Wars X-Wing Prop Fetches $3.13 Million

Introduction: A Legendary Star Wars Prop’s Remarkable Rediscovery

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, a missing spacecraft prop from the iconic 1977 film “Star Wars” has not only been located but has also shattered records by selling for an astounding $3.13 million (£2.57 million).

This valuable relic, a 20-inch model of the X-wing starfighter, played a pivotal role in the climactic space battle of “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.”

Believed to have been lost to time, it reemerged from obscurity in an unlikely place—a cardboard box.

The Remarkable Discovery

The X-wing starfighter model’s resurrection occurred in the garage of the late Oscar-nominated modelmaker, Greg Jein, in November of the previous year.

Friends of Greg were engaged in the daunting task of clearing out his home following his passing in May 2022.

Amid the process, they stumbled upon the X-wing starfighter model concealed within a cardboard box, nestled amidst packing peanuts.

This extraordinary find eventually made history by becoming the “most expensive Star Wars screen-used prop ever sold at auction.”

A Testament to Greg Jein’s Legacy

Joe Maddalena, the executive vice-president at Heritage Auctions, the entity that orchestrated the sale, marveled at the global response to the Greg Jein collection.

He lauded the collection as a tribute to Greg’s exceptional achievements as a visual effects artist and collector.

The starfighter model, a creation of Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas’ pioneering visual effects company, holds a unique place in the annals of the Star Wars franchise.

The Heroic “Red Leader” X-wing

This remarkable prop, identified as the “Red Leader” X-wing, constitutes one of only four “hero” filming miniatures specifically designed with servo-controlled wings capable of assuming the “Attack Position.”

These hero models were meticulously crafted for close-up shots of X-wings and were deployed in the dramatic final battle sequence, including the iconic trench run.

The Pristine Condition of a Star Wars Icon

The description of this extraordinary Hero X-wing miniature by Heritage Auctions emphasizes its untouched condition.

Having never been publicly displayed or exposed to UV daylight, the model remains in its original state as it appeared on the blue screen stage at Industrial Light & Magic in 1977.

Undoubtedly, this Hero X-wing miniature stands as the zenith of Star Wars artifacts to ever enter the market.

The Astonishing Discovery Unveiled

The uncovering of this cinematic treasure was a collaborative effort. Visual effects historian Gene Kozicki, along with colleagues and friends of Greg, embarked on the mission to catalog Greg’s extensive collection.

During the process, as they delicately removed packaging peanuts from the box, the unmistakable nose of the X-wing starfighter made a surprise appearance.

Gene recalled the moment: “The four of us knew immediately that it was the actual filming model, and then the magnitude of the discovery started to set in.”

The Mystery of Ownership and Overlapping Visual Effects

While the path by which Greg acquired this rare X-wing remains a mystery, Gene Kozicki speculated that it might have been connected to his work on Steven Spielberg’s 1977 film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Coincidentally, both films were produced concurrently and featured overlapping visual effects teams.

A Record-Setting Sale

Although the identity of the buyer remains undisclosed, the sale of this X-wing prop surpasses the previous record for another rare X-wing model, which achieved a price of $2.37 million (£1.95 million) in June 2022.

Additionally, other Star Wars memorabilia from Greg’s collection, including a Stormtrooper costume, production shooting scripts, and action figures, were also presented at the auction.

Conclusion: A Galactic Auction Triumph

The astonishing reappearance and unprecedented sale of the long-lost X-wing starfighter model epitomize the timeless appeal of the “Star Wars” universe.

This remarkable discovery serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of “Star Wars” and the undying passion of collectors and fans alike.

As one chapter of the saga closes, the allure of these iconic relics remains as potent as ever.

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